Football: when is there a penalty?

Football: when is there a penalty?
Football: when is there a penalty?

Football has strict rules that players must follow. The penalty is part of the sanctions applied when there is a breach.

On a football pitch, the rules define the stakes, the composition of the teams (i.e. two teams of eleven players who compete with the aim of scoring as many goals as possible), the dimensions of the pitch and the equipment. Other laws govern the behavior of players on the field and the spirit of the game. If these are not respected, there are then different sanctions that can be taken against the player, but also the team. to which it is integrated. There can be yellow or red card depending on the extent of the fault, the red card leading to the direct expulsion of the player who then committed a serious fault. The yellow card serves as a warning. After two yellow cards obtained by the same player during a match, there has a red card and the offender is also excluded from the field.

The direct free kick in football

Apart from these sanctions, there are also other penalties like the free kick or the penalty which are often, rightly, confused. The direct free kick punishes behavior such as:

  • tackling or tripping an opposing player;
  • hitting, shoving or kicking kick to a player;
  • charge or jump on the opponent.

Depending on the seriousness of the fault, a free kick sometimes accompanied by a card will be pronounced. The free kick is then taken from the place where the fault was committed. The ball is then immobilized and the player taking the free kick cannot touch the ball a second time before another player has done so.

The direct free kick is awarded by the referee if the fault was committed outside the penalty area. Otherwise, we are talking about a penalty.

The penalty: definition and context

The penalty is nothing other than a fault punishable by a direct free kick, but committed in certain circumstances. Specifically, the fault must have taken place in penalty area. This zone is located in front of the goals of each goalkeeper, it is delimited by white paint and measures 40.30m in width and 16.50m depth. The penalty is therefore a sanction administered in the event of serious misconduct within this vulnerable zone. When a penalty is awarded, the opposing team takes a shot on goal from the penalty mark. The ball is thus placed at 11m cages and the player who executes it faces the goalkeeper who finds himself alone, without defenders. This penalty is certainly the most severe in football, because the team that is the victim is then particularly exposed.

Who can take a penalty?

All players on the field can take a penalty. On the other hand, certain FIFA and IFAD rules require that shooters be known automatically via a match sheet. Thus, when the penalty is whistled by the referee, the designated player advances towards the shooting point. The goalkeeper sets up and the referee kicks off to allow the kicker to kick the ball. All shooting techniques are authorized even heels. The condition stipulates that the shooter must imperatively kick his ball in the direction of the opposing camp.

What is the difference between penalties and shots on goal?

Penalties are executed during the course of the match. In the execution of the penalty, if the ball is repelled by the goalkeeper, the post, the crossbar, the ball can be put back into play and the match continues. In the process, if the shooter takes the ball after it has been pushed back by the goalkeeper or the post and scores, the goal is validated by the referee.

On the other hand, the shot on goal is executed at the end of the extensions. A pushed ball cannot be kicked straight away by the shooter. You have to wait for the turn of the next player of the same team to take a new shot on the same goalkeeper.

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