Dupuis: 1000 points without cheating for Patrice Bergeron

Dupuis: 1000 points without cheating for Patrice Bergeron
Dupuis: 1000 points without cheating for Patrice Bergeron

And his induction plaque was already ordered, long before the Boston Bruins captain reached the 1,000-point plateau last Monday against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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Yes, his offensive stats are amazing, and that 1000th point just confirms what a great career he’s had. After all, he is only the 94th player in history to reach this milestone. But among the 93 players ahead of him, I don’t think there is one who has won the Selke Trophy five times!

His career isn’t just about numbers. There is no facet of his game in which he does not excel. He is the first center of his team and he produces in addition to making his wingers better. He is incredibly difficult to face defensively. He pays attention to all the little details. He is masterful on the face-offs.

His intelligence and his sense of anticipation are the two qualities that most explain his excellence in defense. You can add to that the pride of doing his job well when his team doesn’t have the puck. It’s a common trait of all players who excel in their defensive play. As this is not something that necessarily shows up on the score sheet, the player’s motivation must be intrinsic to continue making the necessary sacrifices to stand out defensively.

In the case of Patrice, we never see him cheating! That’s why he’s so good, and why he’s one of the most complete players in NHL history. It doesn’t happen that often that it’s the same player the coach sends on the ice as much when his team needs to score a goal as when they need to protect a lead.

I’m sure he could have posted even more spectacular statistics if his defense hadn’t been a priority for him. With his talent, Bergeron could probably have finished his career with nearly 1,500 points, he who has always played with excellent players. And don’t think he wouldn’t have wanted to collect more, all players want to display the best statistics possible. In Patrice’s case, however, he made the choice to “settle” for 1,000 points, playing in a way that won him the Selke Trophy more times than any player in NHL history. , and engrave his name on the Stanley Cup.

We must not forget that everything has not always been easy for Patrice, who has been plagued by health problems a few times during his career. To see him come back as strong, if not stronger than before, it shows incredible dedication and determination.

Video: [email protected]: Bergeron picks up his 1000th career point

Patrice and I are not close friends, but I had the chance to meet him on occasion, especially during the filming of the show. Host table at RDS a few years ago. I could see how serious he is in his approach, and it is impossible not to respect his development as a hockey player. Just spending some time with him made me understand why he was so appreciated and respected by his teammates.

It’s not hard to see that Patrice is an incredible leader on and off the ice. We had further proof of that this offseason, when he accepted a contract well below market value to help the Bruins assemble a competitive roster that meets the salary cap…and give him another chance to lift the Stanley Cup.

Let’s say things are off to a good start in Boston, and that’s – again – largely thanks to Patrice Bergeron.

A 1000th match underlined to perfection

Evgeny Malkin already broke the 1,000-point plateau a few seasons ago, and he played his 1,000th NHL game on Sunday.

I loved all the little details that went into celebrating this 1000th game. The Pittsburgh Penguins surprised Geno by inviting his son Nikita to surprise his father by announcing the starting lineup in the locker room before the game. It was clearly an emotional moment for Malkin.

And what about the warm-up period, when all the players mimicked Malkin’s routine during the warm-up session? Let’s say Malkin has been doing some special stretches for 1000 games now!

Video: [email protected]: Malkin celebrated for his 1000 NHL games

You should know that the players had done exactly the same thing for Sidney Crosby’s 1000th game… Sid always puts one knee on the ground to detach and reattach a skate during the warm-up, and all the players had imitated him.

Can’t wait to see what my former teammates will reserve as a surprise for Kris Letangwhich is expected to reach the millennium later this season.

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