Feodor Lark today: what becomes of the actor of the series Medium?

Before ending abruptly in 2011 due to a declining rating, the series Medium of NBC/CBS was a big hit with viewers. Among the most striking characters, we find little Bridgette DuBois, played by Feodor Lark, who was called Maria Lark at the time. Water has flowed under the bridge since the end of the series, and the actor has disappeared from the screens. What is Feodor Lark becoming nowadays? How old is he and what do you need to know about his career?

Feodor Lark today: what becomes of the actor of the series Medium? Photo: Paul Drinkwater, gettyimages.com / Feodor Lark, facebook.com (modified by author)
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Feodor Lark profile summary

Birth name Maria Lark
Current name Feodor Lark
Gender transgender man
Age 25 years (in 2022)
Date of Birth June 20, 1997
Place of birth Siberia, Russia
Nationality american
Occupation former actor (2005 to 2012), independent researcher specializing in literature 19th century American
ethnicity Caucasian
Marital status single
Zodiac sign Gemini
chinese sign Buffalo
Parents Peggy Lark (adoptive mother)
Facebook Feodor Lark
instagram larkfeodor
Twitter @FeodorLark

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Who is Feodor Lark?

Feodor Lark is a Russian-born former television actor, best known for his role as Bridgette DuBois in the television series Medium of NBC/CBS. He is also the youngest person to co-host the show. The View on ABC.

Feodor Lark was born on June 20, 1997 in Siberia, Russia as Maria Lark. Abandoned by his parents shortly after birth, Feodor was adopted by an American named Peggy Lark, a single mother, and became an American citizen.

What should we know about the career of Feodor Lark?

In 2005, Feodor Lark became famous for playing Bridgette DuBois in the famous television series Medium of NBC/CBS, alongside Patricia Arquette. He also appeared four times on the show The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. On May 15, 2007, Feodor Lark met Orlando Bloom, whom he had previously stated he had a crush on during an appearance on the show.


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On September 3, 2006, Lark became the show’s youngest co-host. The View on ABC. In 2007, young Feodore Lark was nominated for Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. A year later, Lark lent her voice to the character of Cindy in the American animated short Sid: Operation Survival. In 2012, Feodor Lark appeared in the TV movie Kirby Buckets playing the role of Dawn Buckets.

Besides that, Feodor Lark also appeared in a music video for Norah Jones song titled Sunrise. Then he was chosen as a correspondent by Access Hollywood.

Feodor Lark today: what becomes of the actor of the series Medium? Photo: Paul Drinkwater
Source: Getty Images

How did Feodor Lark become an actor?

A talent scout looking for child actors contacted Lark’s mother and expressed interest in her child. His mother initially refused the offer, as she did not want her son to be involved in show business. However, as a single parent with a son in a private school in New York, the recruiter was able to convince him by telling him that an advertisement could cover an entire year’s tuition.


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After hearing this, Peggy Lark agreed to let her child audition for commercials. Thus, Feodor Lark had the right to an audition and was selected to interpret the role of Bridgette in Medium. It was in 2005 that Lark began shooting on the show.

What becomes of Feodor Lark today?

After the end of the series Medium, Feodor Lark retired from film sets. The little kid who played Bridgette DuBois is now a 25-year-old adult, and his acting career seems to be far behind him. According to his social media profile description, Feodor Lark is now an independent scholar specializing in 19th century American literature. His profile Facebook indicates that he was educated atUniversity of St. Andrews.

In May 2021, Lark came out as transgender on his social media accounts. He also specified his pronouns as “he/him”, and revealed his new name, Feodor. The latter also had a mastectomy and is currently growing a beard.


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Feodor Lark and his passion for pets

Very active on social networks, the former actor shares his thoughts and bits of his daily life on his Twitter account. Feodor loves animals and proudly posts snaps of his pet dogs, Socks and Millie. Sometimes he posts photos of pet cats or even pet rats on his profile. instagram.

Feodor Lark loves animals and volunteered several times at an animal shelter during his teenage years. He likes the winter season and knows how to ski, but does not practice it because of his overweight. He also enjoys watching movies, plays and listening to American pop music. Feodor Lark traveled to many European countries with his adoptive mother.

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