Trial for human trafficking: Kalib Rahi’s lawyer destroys the credibility of the plaintiff

The complainant was a young mother who lived in Eastern Ontario when the accused promised her a job delivering puppies to Ontario. She’s divorced, has kids, doesn’t have a college degree or money, but she has a passion for fashion and dogs.

The job involves delivering the dogs to clients, but she alleges Kalib Rahi soon offered to work as a prostitute to pay off debts she incurred when they first met in 2016.

Concluding his questioning on Wednesday, the Crown revealed to the jury that the defendant had made a video without the complainant’s knowledge and was threatening her to hand it over to her boyfriend if she reported him to the police.

The Crown ended the interrogation of the first complainant on Wednesday. The allegations of the second plaintiff will be the subject of a separate trial in January 2023.

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The defense, however, noted on Wednesday inconsistencies and numerous omissions in the woman’s testimony to the point where the Crown had to reread her statements to the police in September 2018 without stopping.

And for good reason: lawyer Loui Dallas learns in court that the complainant has suffered memory loss since a car accident at the age of 12.

Yes, but we are not convinced that the accident was the cause and the diagnosis was made only a few months latershe answers.

The complainant explains that this failure still has an impact on her everyday life. She acknowledges that she did not discuss it with the police when she filled out her deposition at the station, only with the prosecutors.

Me Dallas then asked to address the judge aside on this subject in the absence of the jury, so that the press is not authorized to reveal the content of the pleadings.

Confusion over ages

When the jury returned to the courtroom, the defense suggested that the plaintiff needed money at the time because she was taking amphetamines and smoking cannabis.

It was to fight depression and anxietyshe says, specifying that the drug was offered to her by friends for free.

Me Dallas also shows that the woman was inconsistent about the number of her children during her testimony on Tuesday.

The complainant acknowledges that she had misspoken, and that she had two children from a first marriage when she met the accused and that she had a third subsequently from a second marriage.

Your children were therefore 2 and 3 years old and the third was not yet bornrepeats the defense lawyer.

The complainant agrees, but she does not remember if the father of her first two children had a criminal record as asked by Me Dallas.


The first plaintiff, who cannot be named, is testifying virtually at the Kalib Rahi trial, although the hearings are in person only.

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The defense then reviews the woman’s age. She had said that she was 19 or 20 at the time of the facts she alleges; however, she was 21 according to her date of birth, specifies Me Dallas.

The lawyer then goes back to the age of her best friend who accompanied her on some of her trips to deliver puppies to clients.

You said she was two or three years younger than you, but you were in the same year of high school?he asks himself.

We had some classes together at school where the classes were sometimes mixedshe replies.

Me Dallas also asks her if she has ever been to Manitoba, where she would have a criminal record in Winnipeg according to him. I never left the province of Ontarioshe answers.

Dishonesty allegations

The defense also made her admit that she received provincial social assistance and the Ontario child benefit, a total of $2,200 per month.

No, it’s not much for a mother and two childrenshe says, explaining that this money allowed her to pay her rent and her bills.

Me Dallas does not understand why she only received $2,390 from the province when her third child was born. That’s just $190 more?he asks himself.

The complainant explains that she was then living in subsidized housing, because she had been evicted from her previous apartment.

Social assistance is then reduced to $290 per month.she said, acknowledging that the money was not enough to repay the money that Kalib Rahi had advanced to her.

>Money banknotes and coins on a table.>

The plaintiff claims that she lived with few means after leaving the father of her first two children.

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The lawyer realizes that she fully understands the help from the government. However, he wonders why she never disclosed to the social worker the income she earned for her delivery work or the sums that Kalib Rahi had lent her.

So you were dishonest, because the law requires you to declare all your income and assets like your carhe said.

The woman replies that the social worker knew she had a car, but she told her she hadn’t used it since it broke down.

As for Kal’s money, I thought the amount was insufficient to declare.she continues.

>A poster from Algonquin College.>

The Complainant says she dropped out of esthetics at Algonquin College and has always struggled with reading and writing.

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The woman explains that she worked in retail, but that didn’t last and she tried to get into fashion.

Kal has nothing to do with the production of my fashion photos. My website existed before I met itshe says.

She points out that she never earned any income when one of her photos was published in a local newspaper in her area in Eastern Ontario.

Contradictions and inconsistencies

The defense then explained that the complainant told the police inspector that the defendant was white. However, Kalib Rahi is a mulatto.

The woman no longer knows if the video she accuses Kalib Rahi of possessing to blackmail her was a video or rather compromising photos.

Me Dallas points out another contradiction. The woman had said in the witness box on Tuesday that the defendant had forced her to perform oral sex on him five times during their travels. However, she reduced the number to two during cross-examination.

The lawyer then insinuates that she lied about the first sexual relationship she says she had with a client in a motel in Toronto, since nothing happened in the room contrary to what she claims.

According to her statement, she had told the police that they had rather only talked that evening.

The complainant no longer knows whether the prostitute Lexi whom the accused had introduced to her in Montreal was waiting for them at the hotel when Kalib Rahi, the complainant and her friend went to Quebec or whether the accused had gone to pick her up by car. before going to the hotel.

She also does not remember the name of the hotel.

>The Toronto Police crest close-up in front of the entrance to their headquarters.>

The police investigation into Kalib Rahi was led by the Toronto Police Trafficking in Persons for Sexual Exploitation Squad.

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She then said that Kalib Rahi never left her alone in the hotel room where she was apparently forced into prostitution for five days.

However, the defense asserts that his client was with his mother in Drummondville. He owns a dog farm in the area. The trip to Quebec did not last five days, but twocontinues Me Dallas.

The defense further reveals that the plaintiff did not know what human trafficking was, so the police had to instruct her about it before her testimony. The detective also called you by the nickname your mother gave you.suggests Me Dallas.

The woman acknowledges that she never felt intimidated by the police inspector.

Mr. Dallas finally questioned the allegation that his client threatened to kill the complainant’s dog because he loves dogs and knew Diesel in particular, with whom he had a good relationship.

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