hates America, but it’s her that is freeing”

hates America, but it’s her that is freeing”
“Brittney Griner hates America, but it’s her that Joe Biden is freeing”

White House (DR) / WNBA (DR)

With the enormous support received since his incarcerationlast February, one would have thought that the release of would be welcomed with a smile across the Atlantic, and that everyone would be happy… But obviously, ’s decision is controversial…

Since last February and her arrest in Moscow, Brittney Griner has received many messages of support from major political figures, but especially from other top athletes. In addition to his WNBA colleagues, obviously very affected by the situation, many NBA stars like Stephen Curry expressed themselves on the subject with an always very clear message: to do everything to free her from this hell.

The release of Brittney Griner is controversial!

It is now done, since the White House announced this Thursday that the Olympic champion was free and already on the plane back. For this, Joe Biden and his advisers had to agree to release , locked up for 10 years in the United States for his major involvement in international arms trafficking. Strangely, this announcement was not unanimous…

Meet Brittney Griner and . Two Americans. Both were convicted in Russia for questionable facts. Both face multi-year sentences. Brittney hates America. Paul served America. Guess which Biden traded for a terrorist?

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To Brittney Griner, I hope you now appreciate the country that traded you in for a terrorist and chose you over a Marine.

Paul Whelan, an American soldier, was arrested in 2018 and sentenced in 2020 to 16 years in prison by Russian justice for alleged acts of espionage. And for many “patriots” who have been speaking out vehemently in recent hours, his release should have been a priority for the Biden government. This view of the situation has been questioned by some:

Or…they tried to get both back and Russia said “no”, so they took what they could. Brittney is an American and we should be happy to have her home. Nobody deserves to be locked up for marijuana.

Brittney Griner is a free woman, and some of her compatriots don’t accept that fact. Fortunately, Paul Whelan’s family spoke out in the media to support the WNBA player, who will return to a normal life.

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