A 31-year-old Salisien, very involved in the town, suddenly disappears in a road accident

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This Saturday, we look back on the visit of the Minister of Justice to Pau, on a serious accident in Méritein and on a Pau motorist who chambered police officers on a bicycle… and was checked (spoiler: his passenger had the good idea to have weed on him).

For this pelota and music enthusiast, his warm and active presence is inseparable from the festivities and other highlights that mark the seasons in the town of Salies. A fierce player from Grosse Pala, as lively as the leather balls he slammed on the canchas with his comrade Iñaki, pillar of the Salies pelota club.

“A straightforward, warm boy

His pelota club, of which “he was a strong link, whether as a player or as a volunteer”, cries a “straight, warm, and extremely kind boy, who will leave a huge void behind him”.

Jason was also a trombone virtuoso at the Banda Los Aïgassuts as well as at the Harmony, and always volunteered to carry the colors of the Stade Salisien high at the inescapable sameau races of the salt festivals.

The Harmony of Salies and the banda Los Aïgassuts published one of the many tributes circulating this Saturday on social networks, testifying to both the recognition and the immense pain that affect the whole city of salt. “We don’t have the words to express our pain at Jason’s sudden death on his 31st birthday. King of low notes on his trombone, he was of rare kindness, exemplary benevolence, both discreet and a joker, always listening and smiling. »

The funeral on Monday

One of those models of young people, warm and upright, passionate as well as devoted and with a mischievous grain, who invest themselves without counting the cost and who forever mark the associations in which they are involved but also the generations who have rubbed shoulders with them.

“His smile, his good humor were a ray of sunshine for all of us”, also pays tribute to him the association of the salt festival of Salies-de-Béarn. “Always ready to make a float, carry the sameeau in the overheated arena of Bayaa, nothing scared him. Jason, your smile won’t fade! »

Jason Millox, 31, was killed in a terrible road accident on his birthday.

Jason Millox, 31, was killed in a terrible road accident on his birthday.

Serge Lavielle archive.

His religious funeral will be celebrated this Monday, December 19, 2022, at 4:30 p.m. in the church of St Vincent in Salies-de-Béarn.

To his partner Aude, to their baby, to Sylvie and Paul his parents and to their family, our newspaper sends its very sincere and very deeply saddened condolences.

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