Chapter 1072 not out today, Garp . Blackbeard? Oda hopes none will die in 2023

Chapter 1072 of One Piece not coming out today. Indeed it is the break of Weekly Shônen Jump magazine for the holidays at the beginning of the year. And it’s the home stretch because the magazine and One Piece are coming back next week.

the Weekly Shōnen Jump N°8 in which the chapter will be available is released on January 23, 2023 in Japan and the January 19 on the Internet. The first clues and summary in French of Chapter 1072 of One Piece are expected for the monday january 17unless we have them during this weekend.

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In his plans for the new year, Eiichiro Oda had said that he was going to have a clash between “that person” and “that person” will take place! And in view of the last chapter released on 1071, it is Garp who leaves to face Blackbeard to recover Koby.

But what about Law? Who was this one confronting Teach with part of his crew? Most terrifying is that the author himself hopes that neither of them will die at the end of this great battle royale in 2023.

A battle royale in One Piece in 2023? A bit like Marineford

Oda had previously said that a war will take place and will take Marineford past for a health ride! Is 2023 the year of this war? And that Garp might show up right in the middle of Law and Blackbeard’s confrontation.

Everything seems to be speeding up and all of One Piece’s forces seem to be colliding. Because let’s not forget that Kuma went back to Marie Geoise, which implies that the Revolutionaries and the Government will clash (We don’t forget Sabo who was attacked by Imu Sama). And on the other side the pirates (Luffy, Law, Blackbeard) and the Navy (Kizaru, Garp, Koby) will also clash.

Editor’s Comment for One Piece Chapter 1072:

The commentary of the editor of Weekly Shônen Jump magazine, which appeared in N°6/7 is available.

● Will Luffy manage to leave EggHead?! Will the Mugiwaras enter a new battle…!?

Eiichiro Oda reassures his readers

Although everything seems to be accelerating, Eiichiro Oda reassures his readers by explaining that One Piece is not ready to end!

The latest volumes of the One Piece manga:

One Piece Weekly Release Schedule:

L’One Piece episode 1047 will correspond to chapter 1023. For the manga, the next chapter 1072 is releasing in Japan on January 23, 2023 (on January 19, 2023 in simultrad.) in Weekly Shônen Jump N°8 (2023). There is therefore currently 49 chapters difference between anime and manga.

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