Bocuse d’or 2023: who are the winners?

Bocuse d’or 2023: who are the winners?
Bocuse d’or 2023: who are the winners?

Published on January 24, 2023 at 12:09


Bocuse d’or 2023: who are the winners? – © Maks Him / Starface

After two days of trials, it was finally Denmark that won the most famous culinary competition.

“Bring the cup home…” Not this year for France. After losing the World Cup, it’s a second defeat that we have to take. Indeed, this weekend took place the Bocuse d’or, world gastronomy competition oh so prestigious.
For the 2023 edition, 24 countries competed around two new themes: a children’s menu composed around squash and a main dish based on monkfish tail.

Last night it was finally Denmark led Brian Mark Hansen who, for the third time, won the coveted prize with 2023 points. The children’s menu, rightly judged by 10-year-old children, was thought of as “a fairy tale” around an “enchanted pumpkin”, an egg and “vegetable treasures”. The Danish team also won over the jury with its monkfish dish. For Chef Hansen, this menu “reflects respect for life at sea and the ingredients that the sea provides. »
When the results were announced, he exulted “these Danes are crazy, huh? That’s the Vikings”

On the second and third step of the podium, we find Norway (1971 points) and Hungary (1955 points).

France, proudly represented by Naïs Pirollet, unfortunately did not succeed in repeating its feat of the year and finished in 5eposition with 1923 points. The young chef however obtained the special prize for her platter. She explains, “Our challenge for this menu was to overcome any prejudice children had about squash or food in general. The first angle was to work on the presentation of dishes to charm children with vibrant colors and funny shapes. The second angle was to put the squash in the center of each plate, seasoned with a simple flavor to highlight its own. The first woman to lead the French Bocuses d’Or team, she also wanted to share a positive message: “There is no sadness, it’s a victory to have come this far […] For young people, my participation had an impact, I hope it sends the message that we must dare”.

Congratulations to the winning team, but also to France who defended themselves well.
Dependent contrast !

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