Amin Mimouni sentenced to life imprisonment

HEARING REPORT – When the verdict was announced, the relatives of the young woman strangled and beaten to death in 2019 by her companion broke down in tears, relieved.

By Nicolas Daguin

Posted on 03/09/2023 at 4:50 p.m.update on 09/03/2023 at 17:06

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Murielle Dotta and Patrick Garnesson, the parents of Salomé, hugging each other after the announcement of the verdict Thursday at midday. Nicolas Daguin

Le Figaro Nice

The sentence has fallen. On the fourth day of a particularly dense and emotional trial, Amin Mimouni, 29, was sentenced to life imprisonment on Thursday. The latter appeared since Monday in the Nice court for the barbaric murder of Salomé Garnesson in Cagnes-sur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes), considered to be the 100e marital murder of the year 2019. On the night of August 30 to 31, the young woman, then 21 years old, was beaten to death, strangled, and dragged by her feet, half naked, under a pile of rubbish at the bottom of a dead end.

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Wednesday, the day ended with the indictment of the Advocate General, Fabien Cézanne. A thirty-minute monologue during which the magistrate did not spare the accused, calling him a “cowardly” and pointing out his disparaging attitude throughout the proceedings. “You dare to make us believe that you are no longer the Mimouni of 2019 but we have noticed no difference from the one you are today. And remember that to lie is to kill a second time”, had supported the representative of the public ministry.

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Called to plead last Thursday morning, the young man’s lawyers adopted a defense strategy full of finesse, trying to respect the pain of Salomé’s family as much as possible. “We are neither here to legitimize what he did, nor to clear him of his responsibilities. What he did is very serious. And that is why this morning, with humility, the defense presents its condolences to the family.initially indicated Me Sophie Rebaudengo, in a conciliatory voice. And, addressing the jurors: “He admitted to being a coward, being disgusted and taking no pride in what was done. He is overwhelmed by shame and self-loathing. That is why he did not answer certain questions. If you had to retain a single virtue to Mr. Mimouni, it is that of having recognized his responsibility, with his words, his clumsiness.

“At 8 years old, he already considered that life was not worth living »

Me Sophie Rebaudengo, one of the counsel for the accused

Decked out in the colorful jacket he wore on the first day of the trial, the accused once again showed no emotion at the words of his counsel. A form of “modesty” tried to justify Sophie Rebaudengo, not antinomic of the “coldness” permanently displayed by its client. In order to understand and “no justification”, the lawyer then turned to the chaotic childhood of the accused. That of a boy beaten and terrorized by a father whom he calls “Stalin”. “At 8 years old, he already considered that life was not worth living. The wounds a child can sustain cause irreparable emotional difficultiesshe added. He developed, according to experts, a craving on a narcissistic level. Consequences of the narcissistic injuries that occurred throughout his childhood and adolescence. Finally, the lawyer insisted that a sentence of perpetuity would be confined to “cancel any hope of salvation for Amin”.

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Her colleague, M.e Emmanuelle Boukobza, for her part, pointed to the “rapture” at the heart of the action. From the name of this violent and uncontrolled impulse that can push an individual to commit the irreparable. In this case, the murder of Salome. “Did he intend to kill? No, because the intention is a state of mind by which one deliberately proposes a goal and which translates into an act. However, at the time of the tragedy, he is no longer master of himself, he loses control. He is overwhelmed by the words of Salomé, who announces to him that she has cheated on him and who compares him to his father, this man synonymous with sudden abuse throughout his childhood. she clarified. At the end of his argument, Me Boukobza asked the jurors to “to do law and not morality», Considering that removing Amin Mimouni definitively from society “is not an answer”.

An odious attitude until the end

Could these arguments have tipped the scales in favor of a lesser sentence? We’ll never know. In fact, the defendant’s last words swept aside the entire defense drawn up by his counsel. Standing in his box, in a barely audible voice to the point that a lavalier microphone had to be brought to him, Amin Mimouni insisted on reading a few notes scribbled on a piece of paper. “Regarding the facts, I do not legitimize anything. I wanted to clarify some things. Alexia first, Salomé’s friend who supposedly received her confessions (on the violence exerted by Mimouni, editor’s note). I wonder what she did for her friend? She says she was in mortal danger with me, and she didn’t do anything. She let him go. It is non-assistance to anyone in danger”, he claimed under the general indignation of the public, the civil party, and even his lawyers. The look darker than their dresses still, the latter have tried to silence him, in vain.

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And Me Laura Lopez, the lawyer for Salomé’s parents, to intervene: “Madam President, do we have to listen to this?” For Catherine Bonicci, “the declarations say of him, of what he is”. Caught up in a new narcissistic delirium and adopting the eternal victim posture that characterizes him, Amin Mimouni continued his declarations by striking Salomé’s mother with the verb: “I know you hate me, that’s normal, and I can’t blame you for that. But face the truth. Salome she wanted me. She told me she didn’t even want me to talk about you. After all, she could have just left.

We are going to allow ourselves to start a new life”

Murielle Dotta, Salome’s mother.

After more than two hours of deliberation, the jurors found Amin Mimouni guilty of the murder of Salomé Garnesson, also considering that he was, at the time of the facts, the boyfriend of the victim. An aggravating circumstance, allowing the president to pronounce against him the maximum sentence of life imprisonment, accompanied by a security sentence of 22 years.

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When the verdict was announced, shortly after 1:15 p.m., the young woman’s relatives broke down in tears, relieved. Justice had been served, at last. And the weight of guilt, so heavy to bear until then, suddenly lightened. The culprit, the one and only responsible for the death of Salomé, had just been condemned. “It makes me feel lighter but it won’t bring me back my daughter”said Patrick Garnesson, leaving the courtroom. “Perpetuity. We were expecting this, and we got it. He deserves only that meanwhile entrusted Murielle Dotta, the mother of Salomé. I tell myself that during these four years we only fought for her, and I think we defended her very well. It’ll never take the pain away, but he’ll be locked up and never kill other women again. By what happened, I hope that people will understand the scourge of feminicides. We are going to allow ourselves to start a new life.”

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