Donald Trump announces he will be arrested by the police on Tuesday

Donald Trump announces he will be arrested by the police on Tuesday
Donald Trump announces he will be arrested by the police on Tuesday

Former US President Donald Trump said he expects to be arrested on Tuesday in a case brought by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and called on his supporters to demonstrate on his behalf, according to a message posted on his social network Truth Social on Saturday. . A spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office declined to comment. Such an arrest, or even his indictment in this case, would be a first for a former US president.

Donald Trump added, without providing evidence, that “illegal leaks” from the district attorney’s office indicated that he would be arrested, without specifying on what charges. “Protest, take back our nation!” he added.

Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office this year began presenting evidence to a grand jury investigating a $130,000 payment made by Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen to porn actress “Stormy Daniels” during the 2016 election campaign.

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The lawyer claimed that these payments were made at the request of Donald Trump while Stephanie Clifford, the real name of “Stormy Daniels”, said that she had a relationship with Donald Trump ten years earlier, which the court denies. former US president. The payment of this sum, in itself legal, poses a problem, because the New York prosecutor’s office, which conducted the investigation, considers that it is a hidden donation to the president’s campaign, in violation of the laws of election financing.

Donald Trump was President of the United States from 2017 to 2021 and will try again to participate in the battle for the White House, during the next presidential election of 2024.The populist candidate remains very popular with Republicans. However, several other court cases loom over his election campaign. The Trump Organization has been found guilty of tax evasion. There justice has also launched several investigations into the assault on the Capitol, which could harm him.

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