“We are clearly being sold a masquerade”

“We are clearly being sold a masquerade”
“We are clearly being sold a masquerade”

Former head of the Tribune Nord Amiens association and still an active member of the supporters’ kop, Fabien Cassar wanted to clarify the ins and outs of the encouragement strike organized during the match between Amiens SC and Rodez. More than just anger about the sporting situation, the Amiens supporters wanted to express their total break with the club’s sporting policy. Interview.

What is the idea motivating this protest action?

We simply wanted to express a fed up that has been present for four seasons now. We believe that the group, both the players and the staff, no longer deserve our encouragement. Especially since the media outings of (Bernard) Joannin made us sick. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back, in addition to humiliation suffered at Paris FC. We expressed our frustration in the form of a leaflet and banners today. This will continue, we will not let go.

Beyond the lack of encouragement, there are also the leaflets distributed to raise awareness among all the staff…

We know the culprits. Clearly, we are targeting the management team, in particular Bernard Joannin and John Williams. Clearly, we are not going to let go because we judge that the sports policy is not up to par. Since the descent from Ligue 1, we are clearly being sold a masquerade. At the truce (note: the World Cup), we are told about Ligue 1 and the transfer window is completely missed. We sold our top scorer without replacing him. We are told that it is due to shenanigans in Belgium and that Tolu was sold too late. The speech clearly does not pass any more. That’s five or six transfer window failures for details. We do not understand what is happening at Amiens SC. However, there is the budget and the infrastructure. Behind that, we are being turned upside down after having sold us dreams. Sportingly, there is nothing, we still play on a soft stomach. We are regressing, but for how long? Are we waiting for the descent in National?

Is this encouragement strike going to last?

We’ll see. We know that we will be present at all the matches until the end of the season, because we love the club and our colors. For the honor of our group, we will be present everywhere. Now the heart is gone. We no longer find ourselves in this soulless team. We are coming out of the golden years with robbers and we can no longer stand the salad we are served. It’s hard to sing for these people.

The rift with the club’s management also seems complete…

It is complete yes. We have been trying to have a constructive discourse with the club’s management for a long time. We are listened to but the answer that is given is that we are not shareholders and that we have no opinion to give. We can no longer hear this speech. The person at the head of the club does not understand what a sports club is, that it is not a company like the others. Whether it’s Tribune Nord Amiens or all the supporters, we are a stakeholder in this club. Bernard Joannin must hear it and understand that our criticism is constructive and shared by many people. The time has come to take decisions in this direction.

Interview by Romain PECHON

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