Donald Trump says he will be arrested soon and calls on his supporters to demonstrate

Donald Trump says he will be arrested soon and calls on his supporters to demonstrate
Donald Trump says he will be arrested soon and calls on his supporters to demonstrate

Donald Trump assured Saturday March 18 on his social network Truth Social that he was going to be ” stopped “ next Tuesday and has called for protests, ahead of a possible indictment in a 2016 payout case to buy the silence of a pornographic actress he allegedly had an affair with.

Evoking a ” leak “ from the New York State Attorney’s Office for the District of Manhattan, the former US President wrote in block letters:

The sequel after the ad

“The Republican Party candidate far ahead (his primary rivals, editor’s note) and former President of the United States of America will be arrested on Tuesday of next week. Demonstrate, take back our nation! »

New York prosecutors investigating Donald Trump heard from former porn star Stormy Daniels on Wednesday, as part of their investigation to decide whether to charge the ex-president on suspicion of bribing him , according to the lawyer of the actress.

This file could indeed be worth Donald Trump, 76, also targeted in other legal cases, to become the first former American president charged with criminal charges. This could complicate his race for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

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The actress’ attorney, Clark Brewster, tweeted that his client met with prosecutors at the request of the Manhattan prosecutor’s office.

“Stormy answered questions and agreed to make himself available as a witness or for further investigations if needed”according to him.

The sequel after the ad

The actress who claims to have had an affair with Donald Trump, then thanked in a tweet her lawyer for his support and “our ongoing fight for truth and justice”.

The investigation focuses on the payment in 2016 of 130,000 dollars by Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, to Stormy Daniels – Stephanie Clifford of her real name – to buy her silence on this alleged relationship.

The payment took place two weeks before the presidential election, won by the Republican against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Criminal charges?

The affair broke out in 2018 when Stormy Daniels claimed to have had sex with Donald Trump a dozen years ago.

The sequel after the ad

Michael Cohen, who has become one of Donald Trump’s worst enemies, testified on Monday before a grand jury in this investigation related to a non-disclosure agreement.

The former lawyer had been sentenced, after pleading guilty, to three years in prison in particular for having orchestrated this payment in violation of the laws on the financing of electoral campaigns. He assured that he acted at the express request of the Republican candidate, who would have reimbursed him once he arrived at the White House.

Donald Trump has denied any connection with Stormy Daniels. He himself has been asked to testify before the grand jury, the “New York Times” and “Washington Post” reported earlier this month, but is expected to decline. This invitation is a possible sign of the willingness of prosecutors to prosecute him.

According to the “New York Times”, Donald Trump could be charged with a misdemeanor of misrepresentation accounting to conceal the payment to Stormy Daniels.

The sequel after the ad

These charges could become heavier and become criminal if the prosecutors consider that the offense was intended to hide a violation of the rules of financing of the electoral campaigns, had also explained the “New York Times”.

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After the revelations of the two newspapers, Donald Trump had already denounced last week on his Truth Social network a “political witch hunt to bring down the leading candidate, (and this) by far, of the Republican Party” in the 2024 presidential primary.

“I never had an affair with Stormy Daniels”he added.

Donald Trump is targeted in other cases, including his role in the assault on the Capitol by his supporters on January 6, 2021, as well as the management of his presidential archives.

In Georgia (South), a prosecutor is investigating his efforts with his allies to change the results of the lost presidential election in 2020 and a grand jury has recommended a series of indictments.

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