Steven Spielberg: the beautiful reason why he refused to direct Harry Potter

Steven Spielberg: the beautiful reason why he refused to direct Harry Potter
Steven Spielberg: the beautiful reason why he refused to direct Harry Potter

What if Steven Spielberg had agreed to direct the very first opus of the legendary saga? Harry Potter, instead of Chris Columbus? The great American director has revealed the reason that led him to refuse to bring JK Rowling’s masterpiece to the big screens… and it’s heartbreaking.

Steven Spielberg is a filmmaker who truly makes our childhood dreams shine on the big screens. Of AND the alien, To Indiana Jones, Passing by Jurassic Park, whose saga is officially over, it opened the imagination of a whole generation. And the director of Sea teeth and of West Side Story always manages to move the dark rooms. In his latest film semi-autobiographical, The Fabelmanshe engages in a sincere analysis of his love for cinemahe who has never backed down from anything to achieve perfection in his art.

However. Did you know that Steven Spielberg, one of the greatest directors of our time, would have refused to take the helm of the production of the first volume ofHarry Potter ? He could have signed School of wizards, instead of the filmmaker Chris Columbus, who made, among other things, Mom I missed the plane ! And Mrs. Doubtfire.

Why he refused to realize Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone

So why didn’t the director want the film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, with its so talented British actors ? The answer is quite simple. What matters more to the 76-year-old filmmaker than cinema? Family. To achieve this opus, he would have had to move away too long from his family: I sacrificed my participation in a great franchise”he explained recently in an interview broadcast by Reliance Entertainment and relayed by the site CineSeries.

Father of no less than 7 childrenhe preferred to sacrifice filming rather than his family. “I chose to refuse the first Harry Potter simply because spend the coming year and a half with my family, my young children growing up. So I sacrificed my participation in a great franchise, which today I am very happy to have done, to be with my family. It was a heartbreaking experience. There are thus several films that I chose not to do., he says in his interview. Moreover, he would have liked to entrust the leading role of the scarred hero Haley Joel Osment (Sixth Sense)while JK Rowling absolutely wanted English actors. For these two reasons, it is Chris Columbus who was entrusted with the production of the first and second opus. And it must be said that these are the two best…

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