Pro D2 – Patrick Milhet (Mont-de-Marsan): “Friday night’s Carcassonne is not a team that plays maintenance”

Pro D2 – Patrick Milhet (Mont-de-Marsan): “Friday night’s Carcassonne is not a team that plays maintenance”
Pro D2 – Patrick Milhet (Mont-de-Marsan): “Friday night’s Carcassonne is not a team that plays maintenance”

After the snub at Albert-Domec, Patrick Milhet, manager of Mont-de-Marsan, looks back on the performance of his people. The coach also recognizes the quality of the Carcassonne game during this meeting.

Wasn’t the match played at Toss? You evolved with a favorable wind in the first period. A thirty-first player that you have not mastered at all?

No, it was the team that was able to best control the wind that won. And, I think Carcassonne has perfectly mastered this element. The match was not lost at the toss. It is above all by the lack of commitment. Our performance is not worthy of a high-level team that claims to make the final stages. We met a very good team from Carcassonne led by an excellent Samuel Marques. The match, it is not lost because of the wind. We have a half each, so we are supposed to be able to play both against and with the wind. Moreover, we had been preparing for this scenario all week.

Samuel Marques was invaluable for the Carcassonne.
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What did this team from Mont-de-Marsan miss today? You didn’t think you’d leave empty?

Yes, we start empty with zero points. We are engaged in the final sprint, we are in a pocket handkerchief with five, six teams apart from Oyonnax which is well ahead. I would say the only good news tonight is perhaps Grenoble’s defeat at Angoulême. Like what those who play the maintenance, they are formidable. And when I see the performance of Carcassonne tonight. USC is not a maintenance team. Carcassonne gave a lesson to a completely absent Stade Mons.

How do you explain this defeat?

From the moment we are taken on all the fundamentals we get into difficulties. We are taken in all sectors. Carcassonne also gave us a lesson in pragmatism. In the first half they came twice to our camp and scored two tries. So the explanation is simple, Carcassonne wanted to do battle with Stade Montois. In the end, we were simply dented. Last night, the game offered by Carcassonne is not that of a team that plays maintenance.

Between second place and sixth-seventh there is little difference. Are you still aiming for a semi-final or a play-off at home?

Today, we must not speak of the final stages. Today it’s finding a commitment worthy of a team that can perhaps apply for the top 6. Today, we can’t talk about qualification. With such a service it is not possible.

Are you expecting a reaction from your players next week against Biarritz?

A reaction yes. I hope we are not a reaction team, it would be a shame. If we were a reaction team that would be enough. I think Carcassonne handled the game well. On our side, we have not found a solution. With the wind, Carcassonne did the job. As for Stade Mons, it was non-existent, not worthy of a team at the top of the table.

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