A Moroccan on the shortlist of the “Translation” category

A Moroccan on the shortlist of the “Translation” category
A Moroccan on the shortlist of the “Translation” category

The work “The rhetorical empire: Rhetoric and argumentation” by Chaïm Perelman, and translated from French into Arabic by the Moroccan El Houcine Bnouhachem is on the shortlist of the 17th edition of the Cheikh Zayed Book Prize, in the category ” Translation “.

Published by the United New Book House in 2022, the book was selected with three works, among eleven others appearing in the long list of the “Translation” category.

In addition to the work “The rhetorical empire: Rhetoric and argumentation”, the other two are “Thieves of words: Essay on plagiarism, psychoanalysis and thought”, by Michel Schneider, which has been translated from French into Arabic. by Tunisian Abdelaziz Chabil, and “Expression and Meaning: Studies in the Theory of Speech Acts”, by John Rogers Searle, translated from English into Arabic by Tunisian Choukri Saadi.

In the category “Arabic culture in other languages”, the list includes five works, namely “The genesis of the Arabic book” by the German researcher Beatrice Gruendler, and “The Arab Freud: Psychoanalysis and Islam in modern Egypt”. by Egyptian author Omnia S. El Shakry. Both books are in English.

In French, also appears on the same list “On the other side of the crusades: Islam between crusaders and Mongols” by the French writer Gabriel Martinez-Gros, and “The invention of the cadi: The justice of Muslims, Jews and Christians in the First Centuries of Islam” by the French historian Mathieu Tellier.

Also on the Spanish-language list is “The Ancient Moriscos: Expulsion, Return and Stay (1609-1634)” by Spanish writer José Pascual Martinez.

As for the “Publishing and Cultural Technologies” category, the shortlist includes Al-Ain Publishing House (Egypt), Sinbad Publishing House (France) and the Institute of Arabic Manuscripts (Egypt), while it was decided to suspend the award in the categories of “Children’s and Youth Literature” and “Development and State Building” for this year.

The number of applications in the categories “Editing and cultural technologies”, “Translation” and “Arabic culture in other languages” is respectively 53, 230 and 186 for the 17th edition of the prize.

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