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After their presentation at CES 2023, which took place in early January in Las Vegas, we were finally able to see the new OLED Ultra HD B3, C3 and G3 TV series in action, which are accompanied by the Ultra HD 8K Z3 range and of which here is all the details as well as the official prices.

This year, no A3 series at LG, in France at least, the entry level is therefore represented by the B3 series. This is available in 55, 65 and 77 inches with the respective references OLED55B3, OLED65B3 and OLED77B3. All models use a central stand and offer incredible thinness, a characteristic of OLED models. The B3 series uses a White-OLED panel provided by LG Display, which is less bright than the C3 and G3 series (30% and 70% less brightness respectively, according to LG).

It benefits from the new 6th generation Alpha 7 processor, as on the QNED81/82 and QNED86 brand LED and Mini-LED TVs. This offers greater computing power than the previous generation, allowing images to be processed more quickly to obtain better quality. In particular, we can count on the presence of a new Dynamic Tone Mapping algorithm dividing the screen into several zones (more than in previous years) to better manage HDR content.


The televisions in this B3 series offer two HDMI 2.1 inputs supporting all optimization technologies for video games, including VRR, ALLM, QMQ and Ultra HD signals up to 120 Hz. HLG, HDR10 and Dolby Vision IQ are supported. We can count on the integration of Google and Alexa voice assistants as well as on the new WebOS 23 interface which is available on all of the brand’s 2023 TVs. For audio, LG B3 TVs are compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats with two speakers delivering 20 watts.

The LG OLED55B3 TV will be available in April for a price of 1999 euros. Count on a rate of 2699 euros for the 65 inch OLED65B3 and 3999 euro for the 77 inch OLED77B3.

LG C3 series, with an OLED EX panel, for a brighter image

The heart of the OLED series is represented by C3 TVs from LG. They are available in 42, 48, 55, 65, 77 and 83 inches with the references OLED42C3, OLED48C3, OLED55C3, OLED65C3, OLED77C3 and OLED83C3.

LG OLED55C3 with LG SC9S soundbar and its stand delivered with it.

The 55-inch models and above benefit from a brighter OLED EX panel than the one installed on the 42- and 48-inch TVs, like the previous year, due to overheating problems, it seems. On the other hand, all are powered by the new generation of Alpha 9 processor. The brightness increase technology is called Brightness Booster (without heat sink) on this series differs from the Brightness Booster Max technology which is used on the G3 series ( with heat dissipation). We can count on the application of the new Dynamic Tone Mapping algorithm as well as on a more efficient scaling, according to LG.

In addition, for the audio part on 2.2 channels with a power of 40 watts, the new chipset makes it possible to switch from a virtual 7.1.2 channel mode (in 2022) to 9.1.2. The televisions support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats. They are also compatible with the new WOW Orchestra technology developed by LG and allowing, in association with a sound bar of the brand, to use the speakers of the television in a synchronized way for a more immersive effect.

Note that LG has optimized the design to match perfectly with the LG SC9S soundbar. As on previous models, there are 4 HDMI 2.1 Ultra HD 120 Hz inputs), 3 USB-A ports, an Ethernet socket, an Antenna socket and an optical audio output.

Like the other 2023 series, LG C3 TVs ship the new version of WebOS 23 with its Matter compatibility. We are therefore entitled to Quick Cards, new notifications, personalized image mode and new shortcut function menus provided in this interface, which is unfortunately not backward compatible for previous models.

LG C3 TVs will be available in April. Count on a price of 1599 euros for the 42 inch OLED42C3, 1699 euros for the 48-inch OLED48C3, 2099 euros for the 55 inch OLED55C3, 2899 euros for the 65 inch OLED65C3, 4199 euros for the 77 inch OLED77C3 and 6499 euros for the 83-inch OLED83C3.

G3 series, an OLED panel with MLA to boost brightness

One of the most interesting series is the G3 with, like the previous G2, the vocation to be hung on a wall, the manufacturer delivering the corresponding support to do this. A foot can however be purchased as an accessory to place it on a piece of furniture. In this configuration, note that the stand tilts the screen approximately 3 degrees backwards.

The G3 series uses a White-OLED panel provided by LG Display with META technology integrating MLA (Micro Lens Array). This uses a panel of microlenses which significantly increases the brightness of the slab’s diodes. In addition, for the same luminosity, it also makes it possible to consume less energy. The G3 series is made up of several sizes of 55, 65, 77, 83 and 97 inches. Only the 55, 65 and 77 inch diagonals benefit from an MLA panel, the 83 and 97 inch models do not.

These televisions also benefit from the integration of a heat sink (Brightness Booster Max). We will see during our tests whether the promise of a significantly higher luminosity than that of the other series is kept and what its peak is compared to the competition. LG announces up to 70% more brightness compared to B3 models and up to 30% more, compared to C3 TVs.

LG OLED C3 TV on the left and LG OLED G3 TV on the right

As on the latter, the G3 series uses the new 6th generation Alpha 9 chip with the picture and sound optimization algorithms which LG says are going well to deliver a sharper and more detailed picture than in previous years. HDR management is also required.

The TVs in this G3 series are capable of displaying Ultra HD images at 120 Hz and offer 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs all compatible with the latest optimization technologies for video games. They promise a display lag time as low as the previous year (about 9.5ms, corresponding to less than a frame of delay between the moment when the player presses the button on the controller and when the action takes place on the screen).

They obviously take advantage of the new version of WebOS 23 with Matter compatibility, the new Quick Cards, the quick display of the main television settings and the image configuration wizard. The game bar is also in order, with the possibility of customizing it.

For the audio part, LG G3 TVs are compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X on 4.2 channels delivering 60 watts. They also support WOW Orchestra technology to match the brand’s soundbars and use its speakers to complement those in the bar for a higher, more immersive ambience.

The LG G3 series TVs will be available in April for prices of 2599 euro for the 55-inch OLED55G3, 3599 euros for the 65-inch OLED65G3, 4999 euros for the 77-inch OLED77G3, 7499 euros for the 83-inch OLED83G3 and… €24,999 (yes yes) for the 97-inch OLED97G3.

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