should we worry about the baccalaureate specialty exams?

should we worry about the baccalaureate specialty exams?
should we worry about the baccalaureate specialty exams?

The possible strike of supervising teachers is a hiccup that the heads of establishment have tried to anticipate in Côte-d’Or for the anticipated bac exams. Jérôme Naime, academic secretary of the National Union of National Education Management Staff (SNPDEN), went around his colleagues to take the pulse before the start on Monday. Conclusion: “vigilance but no real concerns”.

More teachers summoned

So that the high school students can work calmly, “we summoned enough teachers, in larger numbers than necessary, to compensate if some are on strike. “A crisis management that has a little taste of deja vu for high school officials:” Since the establishment of this new baccalaureate, there has not been a single session that has gone normally. There was the Covid and its aftermath, the proofreaders’ strike and the digital tool which had bugs. In short… we will know how to adapt. »

Back-up solutions in the event of a problem

And if this plan A is not enough, there are other fallback solutions: “We have protocols in place if there are really a lot of absentees. We can reassign teachers from one room to another. Possibly put only one instead of two on surveillance. Finally, if necessary, the headteachers can mobilize with their teams (CPE and all the staff at our disposal). But we have no strong concerns about the Dijon academy. There remain the external problems that we do not control. »

Namely, for lack of public transport, high school students unable to get there to take their test. “Let them be reassured. If there are delays of this type, we will adapt the timetables. And at worst, if, for X reason, some were unable to compose, they will be able to do so later. In these new events, there is one subject per specialty and per day. So we can very well have another subject that would come up a little later. We will advise at that time. »

“Young people play a lot in these two events”

Jérôme Naime repeats it, all his colleagues have the firm intention that everything goes well. “I’m not worried, most teachers want it to go well for the students, because it’s still almost a whole school year’s work for them and their teachers. The goal is not to put them in difficulty. It’s an important national diploma and young people play a lot on these two events. »

The academic secretary of SNPDEN stresses that the day will however be tense for his colleagues, who will have to be there early to anticipate and readjust the workforce. “Hoping that in the evening the digitization works and that they don’t end up late and exhausted. If he does not comment on the call for the mobilization of teachers’ unions for these baccalaureate exams, he admits that “this does not make our task any easier”. He recalls that the SNPDEN is joining the inter-union mobilization scheduled for Thursday, excluding events.

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