‘Light and Gas’ office: Can I split my bill?

‘Light and Gas’ office: Can I split my bill?
‘Light and Gas’ office: Can I split my bill?

New Endesa ‘Light and gas’ office: send all your energy questions or complaints

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Welcome to the office of ‘Light and Gas’. In this section, through experts from the Endesa company, we will answer all the questions and queries you may have about energy. Due to the large volume of questions we receive, we will try to choose the most common questions from users and answer them little by little.

Question from the reader: I have received an invoice with a consumption of more than three months: am I obliged to pay it all together or can I return the invoice so that it can be divided?

Expert Answer: It depends if it is a single invoice or it corresponds to several periods. In this case, normally, what is received are several invoices at the same time. In any case, if the amount is high, You can contact Customer Service to request the splitting of the invoice in several months.

Consulting room

65YMÁS launches the office with the intention of helping the senior generation to be able to solve these doubts clearly and from the voice of an expert professional in the energy sector. If you want to participate in this office, do not hesitate to send your questions to the email [email protected]

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