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UANL Tigers . Guadalajara – Match Report – May 25, 2023

UANL Tigers . Guadalajara – Match Report – May 25, 2023
UANL Tigers vs. Guadalajara – Match Report – May 25, 2023

May 26, 2023, 00:09Reading: 2 min.

In a dull duel, Tigres and Chivas tied scoreless on the Volcán stadium.

MONTERREY (Víctor Álvarez | ESPN Digital) — The first leg final between tigers and Chivas ended without Andre Pierre Gignacwithout Diego Laínezwithout Victor Pocho Guzmanwithout Robert Alvaradowithout Alexis Vegawithout goals, with little to remember and everything reserved for the return at Akron Stadium.

In the speech of the technicians of Chivas and tigersprior to the final, they agreed that they had to dose, after an “intense” season, and yes, they did, because they were hardly required Nahuel Guzman and Miguel Jimenez at the University Stadium.

tigers It was the most ambitious team. The context demanded it, because it was the local and they had a majority in the stands. He monopolized the ball, but none of the attackers led by Robert Dante Siboldi managed to overcome the well planted defense of Chivas.

Tigres and Chivas drew goalless in the First Leg Finalimago7

Paunovic it seemed that he played chess more than football. From the start, he announced that he was going without a center forward and did barely any damage with a shot from Isaac Brizuelawhich derived from an error in the defense. Nahuel Guzman nor did he touch it, because the attempt went very astray.

The climax of the game was a rebound off the crossbar, after a shot from will gorriarán. in rejection, Gignac stood in front of wacho jimenezbut the French, strange, did not know how to send to the bottom of the goal.

SiboldiGiven the drowsiness of the two teams, he decided to end the show at minute 68. The electronic board lit up with the number 10 and André-Pierre Gignac he walked to the bench. Just in case, so there wouldn’t be another flash, she also took out Diego Laínez and left everything at the feet of sebastian cordovaMaybe he had a spark that would ignite the Volcano.

Veljko Paunovic followed Siboldi’s script. dosed to Victor Pocho Guzman, Alexis Vega, Robert Alvaradohis most unbalanced men, to avoid surprise and leave everything for the return at the Akron Stadium, after a goalless tie.

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