How to carry out a professional social media campaign?, by Cierzo Digital

How to carry out a professional social media campaign?, by Cierzo Digital
How to carry out a professional social media campaign?, by Cierzo Digital

Social networks have revolutionized the way in which companies and freelancers advertise, going from high investments in expensive TV, newspapers and digital environment to potential and profitable ads on social networks.

Currently, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube allow optimal, automated and segmented advertising campaigns to be carried out under budget control and highly effective analysis. The Cierzo Digital agency is recognized for having digital advertising specialists who carry out campaigns on social networks in a professional and close manner for each of their clients.

Ads adapted to all platforms

Facebook (currently ) is considered one of the most important digital companies in the world. Its social networks Facebook and Instagram have a huge audience and advanced tools to make ads (ads) highly effective. Cierzo Digital, led by Jorge Alfaro, has specialists in creating this type of advertisement to attract potential customers. These experts know how to segment and identify a target audience and define what goals and techniques are effective for running a campaign on social media like Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the company is made up of specialists in consultancies and content writing, creative designs, customizations, proposals of ad budgets and monthly reports to optimize results, among others. Cierzo Digital also offers the development of advertisements for TikTok, one of the most popular social networks of the moment. This development includes, in addition to the mentioned solutions, strategy planning, creative ads (in-feed, TopView, Brand Takeover), profitable action plans and investment measures to achieve great returns.

Google and YouTube Ads, potential media for digital advertising

Today, an effective social media campaign strategy must include the use of Google and YouTube Ads to drive an even greater increase in engagement. leads. Campaigns with Google Ads, for example, increase a brand’s chances of positioning itself at the top of Google results for a target audience. In this way, said public will see the business positioned as a potential means to find answers to their questions, needs and interests. In addition, the chances that you will take an action (purchase, subscription, etc.) in said business will be higher, since you will be seen as an authority figure. Cierzo Digital has experts in the development of strategies with Google Ads for the creation of search ads, display and shopping. At the same time, they have knowledge and experience in ad development in-stream and out-stream with YouTube Ads. YouTube is recognized as the most popular platform for video consumption on the Internet to such an extent that 9 out of 10 people around the world visit it every day.

Cierzo Digital has a team of specialists in creativity and digital advertising that help businesses increase their sales and leads In Internet. Its most outstanding solutions are the management of social mediasales funnels and automations.

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