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The aunts zigzagging between vehicles and people during one of the emergency evacuations to the safety zone.
Crossing of emergency cars for the free fair.

The aunts had to avoid the crossing of the section of the free fair and passage used as a vehicle parking lot that delayed the arrival to the safe area with the minors, where some were taken in security cars, as well as delays for the entry of firefighters to attend to the emergency.

Pudahuel, Santiago de Chile, May 25, 2023. Two emergencies with the evacuation of minors from the Los Cachorritos de Pudahuel Kindergarten, were carried out due to liquefied gas emissions, revealing that the escape routes are obstructed, two days a week due to the installation of free fair and motorized vehicles, in the smear of this education facility, located at Calle Santa Victoria No. 830.

Minors being evacuated by the garden aunts.

Both situations occurred for a three-day interval in which the minors had to be removed from the premises, such as the case of Friday, May 19, in which criminals entered the garden at dawn and stole the water heater, cutting the pipes of the passage of liquefied gas that was It expanded throughout the compound, a situation where, favorably, only 10 minors had managed to enter, who were quickly evacuated from the sector by the aunts.

A second case occurred this Tuesday, May 23, where the leak of liquefied gas from a heating stove set off the alarms in the compound that at that time housed more than a hundred boys and girls, for which reason the building was evacuated again. enclosure with the participation of all the staff including the aunts who prepare the food in removing the minors from the place and being taken to a safe area that is predetermined which is in the Victoria passage, adjacent to Santa Victoria street.

Minors evacuated in the security zone.

In both cases, the evacuation of minors on Friday and Tuesday coincided with the day of a free fair that is set up on Victoria street, leaving the free passage in front of the kindergarten obstructed with stalls selling different items and vehicles that delayed the departure escape route during the emergency to the predetermined safe zone.

As for the firefighters who quickly arrived in the vicinity of the site of the event, it took them more than an hour to approach the garden with their specialized gas control car, since there was a store on Santa Victoria Street from San Pablo, while for the Victoria passage was occupied by vehicle parking that made it impossible for the fire engine to enter.

Regarding the emergency on Tuesday, May 23, the situation was more critical since firefighters could not enter with their car, so the infantry did it with their elements to control gas emissions, while the aunts had to avoid the crossing of the free fair where there are stalls for sale and movement of people, in addition to the safe evacuation zone through the Victoria passage, it was crowded with vehicles that further delayed arrival at the safe zone.

The director of the Los Cachorritos Kindergarten, Carla Aguilera Rojas, pointed out that “there are 198 minors who come to this kindergarten, of which 54 are infants, who must be evacuated in special emergency cars, in these two occurrences in which there was an escape from gas, there was a free fair that made it difficult to quickly evacuate the boys and girls from the garden facility, in addition to delaying the intervention of the fire brigade”.

Unfortunately, this situation is not new, there is even intervention by the deputy, Agustín Romero Leiva, who formulates a query through the Official Letter of the Chamber of Deputies No. 3523 dated May 17, 2022, where information was requested on emergency exits from the Kindergarten Los Cachorritos de Pudahuel. On May 26, 2022, the parliamentarian was responded by ordinary official letter 0606 dated May 26, 2022, where it is indicated in part of this document authored by Mónica Rosa Morales Seguel, Executive Vice President (S) of the National Gardens Board children, notes:

* The establishment has an evacuation route to Santa Victoria street and an additional one that leads to an adjacent land for sports equipment (soccer field), which is not enabled.

* The perimeter fences were contracted and, subsequently, the anticipated termination of the contract was provided through exempt resolution No. 15/628 of April 21, 2022, its re-hiring being rescheduled to give effect to the physical term of the perimeter fence. Regarding the cause of not continuing, it is indicated that it was due to COVID.

* On the other hand, at present, the establishment is incorporated into a standardization project, defined for the year 2023, an investment initiative necessary to obtain Official State recognition. For this purpose, admission to the MDSyF is projected during the first semester of the current year (2022) to obtain the Satisfactory Recommendation that allows contracting the execution of the design stage, consulting that includes architecture, specialties project and structure. This will allow the start of the execution stage of the project by the end of 2023.

Finally, this kindergarten in less than two years has had 15 robberies, where criminals have caused damage, have taken school utensils and food, in addition to unauthorized entry at night, to sleep, drink alcohol, consume substances illicit and even to defecate, assure aunts of the establishment.

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