Polls rank Trump ahead of DeSantis and

Polls rank Trump ahead of DeSantis and
Polls rank Trump ahead of DeSantis and Joe Biden

Voters in the United States currently have a preference for donald trump on his now formal internal contender Ron DeSantisbut also above the current president according to various surveys.

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Gustavo Lopez Montiel, doctor in Politic science by The New School for Social Research in New York, He considers that the internal contest will not be easy: “it will be competitive, on the one hand Ron DeSantis’s speech is a little more radical, in terms of his image as a candidate he is attractive to certain Republican groups”, but Trump has a strong “above other internal candidates and President Joe Biden”, he affirms.

the governor of Florida He achieved the unthinkable by winning his re-election in the state in a close electoral contest, said victory was used in the launch of his campaign, marred by an error in the transmission of Twitter Spaces where he contemplated punctually announcing his candidacy together with the millionaire and owner of the platform, Elon Musk.

The chaotic context due to technical failures was taken advantage of by both Trump and Biden, who shared their respective links on social networks to receive support to finance their own campaigns, mentioning that these did work.

Trump also shared one of the polls that puts him ahead of DeSantis in the race. According to a survey published by Clarity Omnibus Surveyheld in May to just over 1,000 people, 69% of people would vote for the former Republican president, while DeSantis would only obtain 13% in the primaries within the party.

What the tycoon did not show was that in this same survey, Biden appears with a few percentage points above him, the only one recently published so far that gives the current US president a bit of an advantage.

Otherwise it happens in the polls of Harvard-Harriswhich puts Trump with 47% over 40% for Biden, as well as Economist-YouGovwhich gives him a smaller advantage of 44% over 42% of the millionaire over the Democrat, non-definitive results according to López Montiel.

“For now, there is no candidate that can compete with Trump, the polls we have seen reflect a trend among voters in the United States. We will have to wait for the following months, but the current photograph is like that. What these surveys reflect is the formulation of opinions, but not the effective vote”, explains the also professor at the School of Social Sciences and Government of the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City.

“Biden faces criticism from Republicans on issues such as the Middle East, the war in Ukraine, the border with Mexico and Central America, but he also faces questions from within the Democratic Party, those who do not see his candidacy as viable, both because of his age and his lack of leadership and consolidating a position that stands up to the Republicans, which has earned him a disadvantageous position with respect to Trump”, adds the expert consulted by 24 HOURS.


“For now there is no clear candidate who can compete with Trump, the polls we have seen reflect a trend among voters in the United States, but we will have to wait for the following months. The current photograph is like that, although what these polls reflect are opinions, but not the effective vote ”
PhD in Political Science from The New School for Social Research in New York.


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