Vuelveteloca shares the remixes of ‘Contra’

The Chilean band presents an album of interpretations of their songs by different groups, giving an interesting turn to their career.

With seven albums under their belt this band is known for playing genres like psychedelicia, stoner, space rock among othersyou. His latest material was remixed to enter into even more versatile musical currents than those with which they are familiar.

Different groupings like The Vacant Lots, Peaking Lightsthe Mexicans Lorelle Meets the Obsolete and their compatriots south pole they were part of the collective effort to change the work of the South American team.

“The desert” is the first song that opens this new vision, redone by The Vacant Lotsis taken out of its context Stoner to enter a world of synthesizers with a tempo coming from a drum machine connecting the previous work of Get crazy with your current scans.

They comment on hearing their work with new ears: “It was a very entertaining process, thinking about who we would like to remix, contacting people and asking them to participate, some say no and others surprise and join in. We give them absolute freedom, which do what you want with the songs, and the result is always a surprise. We think this album turned out great, very coherent even though so many different people participated.”

Beam click down to travel with “The desert”

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