A NASA weather balloon fell in Santa Cruz

a weather balloon or climatological that belongs to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States fell in an unpopulated area in Santa Cruz and Civil Protection put him in custody to be able to transfer him to the place of origin.

The information was confirmed by the Ministry of Security and an operation was carried out in conjunction with the Undersecretary of Civil Protection, the Santa Cruz Police and the Argentine Air Navigation Company (EANA).

A “monitoring of the weather balloon” had been carried out, verifying that will not impact on urbanized area” and finally fell into an area where there were no people.

The security operation revealed that they will temporarily take care of the module: “With the aim of recovering and protecting two meteorological information capsules that will be transported by an Argentine company to the United States“.

NASA offers a million dollars to travel to space

The US space agency has opened registrations. so that researchers and space technology experts can test commercial suborbital vehicles. It also includes orbital platforms that can store payloads.

These flight tests reinforce the development of space programs of exploration that the United States has been planning and shows how the space economy is expanding.

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