Immortal shares “Return To Cold” with the release of the new album

The new album of the band DEMONAZ is already on sale

Coinciding with the launch of “War Against All”Norwegian black metal band IMMORTAL has made a lyric video for “return to cold“.

“Return To Cold” Lyrics

The lyrics of the theme go like this:

No Sun At Horizon, Cold Stars Hold The Sky
“Silence Of The Gods”
No Light At The End Of Its Day
Blashyrkh I See Cold In My Sight
Blashyrkh To Me, Eternal Ice

Horizon And Mountains, Under Clear Northern Sky
A Distant Sea Of Frost
No Tide At The End Of Its Waves
Fires They Sleep A Blinding Sky
Fires They Sleep Eternal Ice

Out In The Cold, Under The Stars
Winter And Snow, Frost And Nordlight
No Thunder No Storm, Call Of The Old
Silence Of The Gods, Return To Cold

Blashyrkh Be My Home, Return To Cold

Honor The Great Mountains
And The Skies Of The Gods
Embrace The Forest Tall
And Let The Ice Become My Throne
Blashyrkh To Be Cold In My Sight
Blashyrkh I See, Eternal Ice

Wargod“, inspired by CELTIC FROST was the previous song:

In addition, we can listen to the song that gives the album its name:

The cover of “War Against All” is the work of Mattias Frisk:

War Against All: Immortal Disc

“War Against All”, a journey through Blashyrkh

The work, made up of eight songs created “in the classic style” of the band, has been released by Nuclear Blast on May 26, 2023.

demonaz (who recently clarified his relationship with Abbath and Horgh), comments: “IMMORTAL continues the style that was established and defined on our first records. It’s fast, furious, epic and powerful metal of Blashyrkhthe only way!”

“Although studio work is necessary to get a definitive recording, the songwriting process is obviously my favorite“says the guitarist.” I’m still writing all the guitar riffs/music at home the same way as always, and the lyrics too. The early days of Black Metal are the ones that inspire me the most. The cold nights in the woods, in the mountains under the winter moon. That’s what keeps the spirit alive, and the foundation of all our music.”

The album was produced in Bergen, Norway, at Earshot & Conclave studios, where IMMORTAL recorded the guitars and vocals for their previous opus, “Northern Chaos Gods”, (released July 2018): “They’ve also done a great job with the new album, and it’s been a pleasure to work there again,” Demonaz reckons. “I am especially satisfied with the result of this record. It has that cold biting guitar soundbut a powerful production.”

“IMMORTAL has never compromised on the original vision, which is to take fans on a journey through Blashyrkh with our darkest and darkest music, with each new release,” says the musician. “These songs are no exception. I’m proud of the final result, it has a different expression, and I can’t wait for the fans to hear it!”

The list of topics of the work is made up of:

  1. War Against All
  2. Thunders Of Darkness
  3. Wargod
  4. no sun
  5. return to cold
  6. norlandihr
  7. Immortal
  8. Blashyrkh My Throne

The band was founded by Demonaz and Olve’abbath‘ Eikemo in 1990, joining Horgh in 1996. The legal dispute over the IMMORTAL name in 2014 -in which Abbath accused his companions of having left the ranks of the group– pointed out that Demonaz and Horgh were the rights holders and Abbath was left out of the band.

Subsequently, demonaz (singer, lyricist and guitarist) and Horgh (drums) had a dispute over the rights of the band.

In June 2020, Abbath was shown open an IMMORTAL reunion.

On the other hand, the embryo of IMMORTAL, AMPUTATION, collected their demos in “Slaughtered In The Arms Of God”.

More information about IMMORTAL and “War Against All” on the group’s Facebook.

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