How many teams have been crowned Liga MX champions with a second leg home advantage?

How many teams have been crowned Liga MX champions with a second leg home advantage?
How many teams have been crowned Liga MX champions with a second leg home advantage?

Closing 2023 finalists tigers and Chivas face each other again in the final series, six years after their last meeting. There was a lot of expectation in the days leading up to last night’s first leg with some predicting a high-scoring game – or least some goals. but it ended 0-0 at Estadio Universitario to leave emotions reserved for Sunday’s return leg at Akron Stadium.

In the history of the short tournament format, a total of 18 finals have ended level after the first leg, and prior to this Sunday’s deciding game in Guadalajarathe statistics favor the locals – 12 teams have been crowned champions after a draw in the first leg with the return played played at their stadium. Only on six occasions has the away team prevailed to lift the trophy whenever the first leg has ended level.

But anything can happen in football and tigers will be heartened in the knowledge that they know how it feels to be crowned champions in someone else’s back yard. In the 2017 Opening, they drew 1-1 against Monterrey in the first leg at homethen traveled to Guadalupe where they broke Rayada fans’ hearts, winning the return leg 1-2 with goals from edward vargas and Francisco Meza to deny their eternal rival on home turf.

Chivas however, will remember what happened when they won their last title (the Clausura 2017) – the one which has drawn several comparisons to this season. The first leg finished 2-2 and their home advantage was made to count when the final was decided in Guadalajarawhere they won 2-1 to lift the trophy 4-3 on aggregate.

Liga MX finals in which the first leg ended level

  • Winter 1997: Chivas champion at home
  • Winter 1998: visiting champion Necaxa
  • Summer 1999: Toluca champion at home
  • Winter 1999: Pachuca visiting champion
  • Closing 2004: cougars champion at home
  • Closing 2005: America champion at home
  • Opening 2005: Toluca visiting champion
  • Closing 2006: Pachuca champion at home
  • Opening 2006: Chivas visiting champion
  • Opening 2007: atlantean champion at home
  • Bicentennial 2010: Toluca champion at home
  • Closing 2011: cougars champion at home
  • Closing 2012: Saints champion at home
  • Opening 2016: tigers champion at home
  • Closing 2017: Chivas champion at home
  • Opening 2017: Tigres visiting champion
  • Opening 2018: America (administratively) visiting champion
  • Guardians 2020: Lion champion at home

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