“That decentralization prevails in the debate and that decisions are not made from Santiago.”

“That decentralization prevails in the debate and that decisions are not made from Santiago.”
“That decentralization prevails in the debate and that decisions are not made from Santiago.”

Again, the proposal to create a Biodiversity and Protected Areas Service (SBAP) is in the arena, since from the Multi-union of Los Lagos They stated that they do not agree with the bill that is currently under discussion in the Mixed Commission of the Chilean Parliament.

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For this reason, they value the social and economic transformation that has been generated in the southern south as a result of salmon farming, “which is why today we see with great concern the progress of an SBAP bill that, in simple terms, limits future development of this industry and, with it, our own future”, they asserted.

They affirmed that “as a Multigremial we are convinced that all legislation must aim to improve the performance, environmental and social sustainability of the activity, generate an adequate territorial ordering among other issues; but not to eliminate or put at risk the viability of this activity, which is the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of people and which has generated development and progress in isolated and historically neglected territories”.

The organization pointed out that “the SBAP bill ignores the strategic relevance and direct link that salmon farming has with other activities in the six regions where it is carried out. Among them agriculture, through crops to produce food; artisanal fishing, technical-university education; not to mention the air, sea and land logistics industry; construction or hotel services, tourism, local commerce and thousands of SMEs that provide different goods and services daily -directly or indirectly- in this great value chain; through the mobility of workers and their consumption. We represent more than 150,000 people who, through each of the unions, receive the positive impact of an industry like this in the southern macro-zone of the country”.

Through a public statement they called for a transversal, responsible and informed dialogue regarding the realities of this activity. “We ask that decentralization prevail in the debate and that decisions not be made from Santiago, from abroad or based on campaigns on social networks,” they said.

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