Menino Do Rio was the figure of an unforgettable afternoon – San Isidro Racetrack – Jockey Club AC

The Stud RDI horse won the 25 de Mayo Grand Prix, in the middle of a date in which Unico Happy, No Fear (Brz) and Camus Superior also excelled. More than 300 million weights were played and the public responded to a very special call.

May 25 is a very special date for all Argentines and that is how the San Isidro Racecourse to give shape to a true national holiday under the slogan We Celebrate Our Tradition.

Based on that, he diagrammed a classic program with four hierarchy comparisons, highlighting three tests of the highest level, with the International Grand Prix May 25 (2400 meters) at the highest.

The first of the four hierarchical confrontations was the Provincial Long Distance Classic (2000 meters)for horses located in the interior of the country, classified for having occupied the main positions of different tests resolved throughout the national territory.

There he imposed himself with authority Upper Camus (3 years, Wild Kindred and Mystic Breastplate by Easing Along), from Czech Studborn in you will make the passiontrained by Roberto Pellegatta and directed by Juan Carlos Noriega.

The horse that had qualified for this test due to its success in the 236th Anniversary Ciudad de Rio Cuarto Classic (2000 meters), run on November 20, 2022, in Río Cuarto (Córdoba), had just been fourth in the Clásico Porteño ( G3 – 2400 meters), on the HSI grass track, and now clearly returned to victory.

It was followed by the Filly Grand Prix (G1 – 1600 meters)for two-year-old females, where the Brazilian kept her undefeated in two performances Don’t Fear (Brz., Agnes Gold and Fleche for First American), from Stud RDItrained by Alfredo Gaitan Dassié and directed by Brian Rodrigo Enrique.

In its premiere, it had won the Juan Salvador Boucau Classic, over 1500 meters, at the HSI.

In continued it was resolved Grand Prix Grand Criterium (G1 – 1600 meters), for two-year-old males, where he also kept his foja intact Unique Happy (Hi Happy and Soviet Union by Orpen), from Stud Hs. The Angel Of Veniceborn in you will make providenceprepared by Carlos Daniel Etchechoury and led to victory by martin vallethe same team with which he had reached the Classic Jose Bautista Zubiaurre (1500 meters) in its premiere, at the HSI.

Finally, in the International Grand Prix May 25 (G1 – 2400 meters) – Dr. Enrique Olivera Cupfor all horses three years old and older, came from end to end Menino Do Rio (3 years, Fortify and Desert Dream by Elusive Quality), from Stud Haras RDIpupil of Alfredo Gaitan Dassié and driven by Juan Carlos Noriega.

Now he has two celebrations since he had also achieved a conditional test in the HSI (2000 meters) to later be second in the Clásico Porteño (G3 – 2400 meters) and Clasico Tresiete (L – 2000 meters), fourth in the Martinez De Hoz Grand Prix (G1 – 2000 meters) and a fifth in the Botafogo Classic (G3 – 2000 meters).

The 17 tests on Thursday, May 25, left a collection of $300,982,100with an average per race of $17,704,829.-

In addition, the party was complete as families enjoyed a very Argentine experience, with artistic manifestations of various kinds, such as folkloric ballet, payadores, typical foods, gaucho singers and many more attractions.

One of them is La Feria de las Provincias, with more than fifty stalls offering a wide gastronomic variety, regional and artisanal products from Argentina, where places such as Mendoza, Río Negro, Neuquén, Chubut, Córdoba, San Luis will be present. , Misiones, La Pampa, Entre Ríos, San Juan, Santa Fe, Corrientes, La Rioja, Tucumán and Santiago del Estero; and towns in Buenos Aires such as Lobos, Cañuelas, Tandil, Mar del Plata and Mercedes.

The fair is located in the gardens of the General Tribune and will run until Sunday, May 28.

The party on May 25th was attended by Nicolás Penacino and the folkloric ballet Sangre Federal, as well as the payador Manuel Hermosi and the first Argentine Escuadra de Monta a la Amazona, with the glamor and distinction that characterizes them.

The weekend at the HSI will be completed with Saturday 27 with 17 matches from 12:45 to 20:45, standing out in the eleventh session -17:45 hours- the Classic Particle (G2 – 2200 meters), for mares three years and older, where they will be from the item -according to apron number-

  1. lucky you (Brz., 3 years old, Put It Back): Accumulates three achievements in the HSI and Palermo, including the Francisco J. Beazley Classic (G2 – 1800 meters), plus a second in the Paseana Classic (G2 – 1800 meters) and in the Lombardo Handicap (1800 meters).
  2. Dona Bimore (4 years old, Catcher in the Rye): Winner of three HSI races with a second place in the Clásico Espirita (L – 1800 meters), a third place in the Gran Premio Gilberto Lerena (G1 – 2200 meters) and a fourth place in the Acheron Handicap (2000 metres).
  3. Demi Moore (Uru., 5 years old, Agnes Gold): He achieved four victories at the Maroñas National Racetrack (Uruguay) in 18 performances, including the Clásico Uruguay – Longines Cup (G3 – 1600 meters) -October 2021-, the Clásico C. Saenz De Zumaran Y RZ Arocena (1500 meters) and the Classic Ministry of Economy and Finance – DGC (G3 – 2100 meters), last March.
  4. Miss Leah (3 years old, Fortify): He had two victories in the HSI, both over 2000 meters.
  5. sigh limena (5 years old, City Banker): He had three impacts in Palermo, with a second in the Apertura Classic (G2 – 2,200 meters), a third in the Sierra Balcarce Classic (2,200 meters) and fourth places in the Gilberto Lerena Grand Prix (G1 – 2200 meters) and in the Miss Grillo Handicap.
  6. master cocktail (5 years old, Mastercraftsman): Winner of four common events in the HSI mile, Palermo and La Plata, plus the Seductive Handicap (2000 meters), in her last performance.

6th. super jewelry (4 years old, Super Saver): Winner of three events in Palermo, second in the Selection Grand Prix (G1 – 2000 meters) and in the Francisco J. Beazley Classic (G2 – 1800 meters), third in the Enrique Acebal Grand Prix ( G1 – 2000 meters), Gran Premio Criadores (G1 – 2000 meters) and Clásico Apertura (G2 – 2200 meters), and fourth in the Silver Cup (G1 – 2000 meters) and in the La Mission classics (G2 – 2000 meters) and Clásico Bullrich (G2 – 2000 meters).

  1. Forty Cinque (5 years old, Ecologist): He is the holder of five victories in the HSI, including the Clásico Espirita (L – 1800 meters) and the Badruddin Handicap (1600 meters). She was second in the Enrique Acebal Grand Prix (G1 – 2000 meters), in the Juan Shaw Classic (G2 – 2200 meters) and in the Blue Prize Classic (2000 meters). Third in the Clásico Federico De Alvear (G2 – 1800 meters), Clásico Fernández Guerrico (G2 – 1600 meters), Clásico Paseana (G2 – 1800 meters) and Clásico Espirita (L – 1800 meters), plus fourth place in the Clásico Eudoro J. Balsa (G3 – 1600 meters).
  2. Ballado’s Beach (4 years old, Treasure Beach): Winner of three HSI races, second in the Gilberto Lerena Grand Prix (G1 – 2,200 meters) and third in the Clásico Blue Prize (2,000 meters).
  3. hit emerit (4 years old, Hit It A Bomb): Winner of three races at HSI and La Plata, including the Gran Premio Selección De Potrancas (G1 – 2000 meters), second in the Enrique Acebal Grand Prix (G1 – 2000 meters) and in the Classic Polla De Potrancas (G2 – 1600 meters).
  4. Queen Election (4 years old, Cima de Triomphe): Winner of three races in the HSI (in the mile and 2,000 meters), with a second place in the Clásico Sierra Balcarce (2,200 meters).
  5. cinquetti (4 years old, Catcher in the Rye): He had three victories in the two kilometers of the HSI.

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