Barça saves the first ‘match ball’

Barça saves the first ‘match ball’
Barça saves the first ‘match ball’
Christina Moreno

05/26/2023 at 23:31


With effort, suffering and a lot of work, Barça won the first point in the Ok Liga semifinal tie against Noia Freixenet. Bargalló (2), Nunes, Marc Grau and Joao put together a victory that was up in the air when Kyllian Gil scored to make it 3-3 but which finally fell to the Barça side.

Barça did not want to repeat what happened in the semifinals last year. He then fell to Reus after another great regular season, saying goodbye to the title fight prematurely. Noia faced this time, coincidence of fate, executioner of Reus in the quarterfinals on this 22/23.

A duel between the Bargalló brothers gave rise to the first free kick shot after the blue one for Jordi. Pau did not miss it who, after a feint, hit him calmly finding the hole.

But that target did not put the game downhill for Edu Castro’s men, who soon saw the tie come back on the scoreboard. Kyllian Gil served a pass coming from behind the goal that put Esteller above Sergi Fernández.

At 12 for the break, Gabarró was able to put Noia ahead with another direct free kick, but it crashed into the body of the Barça goal. With no intention of taking risks, Pere Varias’ men opted for a defensive approach, which prevented the locals from manoeuvring. Edu Castro asked his team for patience and attack in the last timeout of the first half.

No sooner said than done. In the last second of the set, Bargalló hung it from afar looking for Joao who, although he did not touch it, misled the Noia goalkeeper who could not stop that ball.

The inertia continued in the second half, with Barça seeing the goal a few minutes after starting. A triangulation between Pau, Joao and Hélder ended with a comfortable shot from the latter between the three sticks to put distance with the rival.

Those from Sant Sadurní had their chance again with a direct free kick caused by Pau Bargalló, but this time, Gabarró ran into Sergi Fernández again, who saved it with a bit of luck, touching the ball to the helmet. Immediately afterwards, Barca’s tenth foul arrived and a new option for Noia. This time it was Eloi Mitjans who was in charge of trying to transform the free kick. Direct launch that the Barca goalkeeper cleared.

The third time was the charm. It did not come from a free kick, but from a play, but it went up on the scoreboard. Long pass from Jordi Bargalló after a counter and Esteller, placed at the far postit did not fail.

From there, Varias’ men went back to sleep the game, and the Catalans barely had a couple of dangerous arrivals. The opportunity came for Barça with the tenth foul, but this time, Bargalló did not hit between the three sticks.

They had to risk the Noia, seeing themselves close in the light, and their insistence was rewarded. Kyllian Gil stirred and although Sergi Fernández took it out ‘in-extremis- the referees gave the goal. With hardly any time to celebrate, in just nine seconds, Marc Grau served the cold water jug ​​with the 4-3 chasing a dead ball in the area. The sentence was given by Joao with his 42nd goal in the league, in a classic play by Barça, with assistance by Pau Bargalló from behind the goal.

Jordi Bargalló was able to close the gap with another free kick that Sergi Fernández saved. Several asked their players for more pressure, to hang balls, to try to get oil out of the final minutes. Meanwhile, Barça missed a direct free kick against Blai Roca but the marker did not move.

The second match of the tie will also be played at the Palau, next Sunday at 12:30 p.m. In case of needing a third game, Barça would lose the court factor since the outcome would be played on Friday, June 2 at l’Ateneu.

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