MLW Fusion May 25, 2023: Coverage and Results

By Alex Murillo On 05/26/2023

Major League Wrestling (MLW) and FITE+ presented last night the MLW Fusion Episode 166, performed from the Fausto Gutiérrez Auditorium in Tijuana, Mexico. As the main attraction Taya Valkyrie puts the MLW Featherweight and AAA Reina de Reinas championships on the line against La Hiedra, Sexy Star and Dalys in a four-way fight. Next, we leave you with the results of the show:

Before starting the episode, MLW shows a summary of Alex Kane’s historic performance in Battle Riot V where he was proclaimed the winner of the match, after coming out in first place and beating 39 fighters, and now he has a title opportunity that he will “exchange” in the first premium live event of MLW in FITE +, Never Say Never 2023, on July 8 in Philadelphia .

Joe Dombrowski welcomes us to a new episode of MLW Fusion and introduces us to the newest member of the MLW commentary team, Christian Cole. Both review the billboard where the main event stands out, which will be starring a title fight in which Taya Valkyrie will put the MLW Featherweight and AAA Reina de Reinas championships at stake. We will also have an update on the status of Jacob Fatu after the attack he suffered at the hands of The Calling and also, the road to Never Say Never 2023 begins with a press conference from the challenger and winner of Battle Riot V, Alex Kane.

Before the first match begins, MLW displays a video of Taya, John Hennigan and Sam Adonis. The three celebrate their return to Mexico over a few beers. Adonis takes the opportunity to put up a poster of the kidnapped and disappeared César Durán.

1. Juicy Finau defeated Damian 666 and Crazy Frank in a Tijuana Street Fight. The three fighters went all out both inside and outside the ring and the use of objects was one of the main attractions of the fight. The Massifs (Cyclops and Extreme Fear) interfered on Crazy Frank’s behalf and increased the level of violence by having Damian 666 go through the hood of a car or by bringing two panes of glass. Finally, Juicy Finau got rid of Frank and with a Double Chokeslam, made Los Macizos go through both glass panels and applied the Samoan Drop and Juicesault to take the victory.

MLW recalls several of The Calling’s surprise attacks and everything that led up to his rivalry with Alex Hammerstone and the Second Gear Crew all the way to War Chamber. In addition, it also shows the chaos and violence that Raven and his crew displayed in Battle Riot V against the Samoan SWAT Team, which later led to AKIRA and RSP’s brutal attack on Jacob Fatu a few weeks ago. Speaking of Samoan, Fatu will be out of action for a minimum of three weeks. As for his chance at the MLW National Openweight Championship, ‘The Samoan Werewolf’ keeps it and will face John Hennigan or the champion at the time in the future.

The road to Never Say Never 2023, Major League Wrestling’s first premium live event on FITE+, has already begun and MLW cameras are with the champion, Alex Hammerstone, who has just finished one of his training sessions. Hammerstone talks about his next starting defense against Danny ‘Limelight’ Rivera in Mexico and assures that he will finish him off like he always does his rivals. About Alex Kane, he just tells her to seize the moment. The champion is also asked about Fatu and The Calling and comments that he wishes the Samoan a speedy recovery. He also takes the opportunity to assert that The Calling will receive what he deserves sooner rather than later.

Delmi Exo has a message for Taya Valkyrie. ‘The God Queen’ assures that ‘La Wera Loca’ has never faced someone like her and that her time as Featherweight champion is about to end. Joe Dombroswki announces that next week, John Hennigan and Sam Adonis will team up with Crazy Gringo to face Psycho Clown, King Horus and The Son of the Vikingo in a trios fight.

Sam Leterna is in backsatge with Willie Mack. ‘Da Mack’ assures that his future in MLW involves winning titles and he has his perfect goal in mind. Mack issues a challenge to John Hennigan and assures him that he will go after him and that he will not know where or when he will do it but that he will be waiting for the right moment.

we see Saint Laurent at the MLW offices Talking on the phone. The Second Gear Crew interrupts him. Warner asks about Microman to which he blurts out that she has no idea she’s not his secretary and leaves the place. Suddenly, from the bathroom, Microman appears and Ol Mancer asks him about his employment relationship with MSL, to which the Mexican replies that he is “a fucking thief.” The four toast with some lite beer to end the segment.

We traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, for the Alex Kane press conference. ‘The Suplex Assassin’ is asked by Mr. Thomas to which he replies that he is in Tijuana training. Kane claims that he has always wanted a great Prize Fight before his fight with Hammerstone. When asked about his contract, Kane assures that with money everything will be better and that only then will the fight with Hammerstone happen, although whoever is behind Bomaye Fight Club is already handling the situation and maybe in the future, if there is a PPV, we will know its identity. He assures that Bomaye is the sap that flows through MLW and that there is nothing like them.

2. Taya Valkyrie defeated La Hiedra, Sexy Star and Dalys to retain the MLW Featherweight and AAA Reina de Reinas Championships. ‘La Wera Loca’ prevailed over the Lucha Libre AAA wrestlers in a four-way match. Taya got the victory after applying the Road to Valhalla on Sexy Star.

The Calling have a message for MLW. RSP assures that little by little they are conquering the kingdom and goes to Jacob Fatu. He tells him that he has been the king for a long time but now it is his turn to be the first sacrifice in this new time. AKIRA says that Fatu is not a god, but a false idol and that he will be the first of many sacrifices. “Trust in Raven”, ends ‘Death Fighter’.

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