Gas imports announced to mitigate the impact of the El Niño climate phenomenon

Gas imports announced to mitigate the impact of the El Niño climate phenomenon
Gas imports announced to mitigate the impact of the El Niño climate phenomenon

Within the framework of recent updates on climate projections and their impact on the country, the announcement of the arrival of new gas imports stands out as a strategic measure.

This development is driven by the intention to mitigate the effects of the climatic phenomenon known as El Niño, according to representatives of the energy sector.

The initiative seeks to inject gas into the national system to guarantee the operation of three essential thermal power plants, Termocandelaria, Termoflores and Termobarranquilla.

These gas imports are vital to maintain thermal power generation in the face of imminent weather events.

They hope that starting next week, the first ships with imported gas will arrive in the country, a mobilization that is crucial at this time of less rainfall than usual.

According to rainfall records, forecast rainfall for May has been lower than expected, suggesting the possibility of a stronger El Niño phenomenon.

In a period of approximately three weeks, the arrival of three methane tankers is expected. These vessels will be in charge of injecting gas into the national system to meet the demands of the aforementioned thermal plants. This has been pointed out by Alejandro Castañeda, president of the National Association of Generating Companies (Andeg).

These imported liquefied gas loads will be processed at the Spec regasification plant, located in Barú, in Cartagena. This plant has the fundamental role of supplying the thermal plants of the Caribbean Coast.

As a clarification, Castañeda stresses that this maneuver is part of a strategy of preparation and prevention. This is based on the forecasts of international agencies, which project a 90% probability of the occurrence of the El Niño phenomenon.

Along the same lines, Camilo Sánchez, president of the National Association of Public Services and Communications Companies (Andesco), highlights the importance of conserving water resources in the context of El Niño.

The proposed strategy includes the increase in thermal generation in order to preserve the country’s water resources, projecting its use until the first two quarters of 2024, considering that the climatic phenomenon could be prolonged.

During the Naturgas Congress held in Barranquilla, the experts presented their forecasts regarding the threat of El Niño. They anticipate a possible increase in energy rates for households in the country, estimating a maximum monthly increase of approximately 3%.

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