UN helps in the search for missing children in the jungle: Cristín, the youngest, is turning 1 today

The UN joined the search for the four minors who were traveling in a small plane that crashed on May 1 in the Guaviare jungle, and who are still missing for the moment, after verifying that they survived.

“In the last few hours, the UN has joined the search effort and has made an additional helicopter available to locate the children, who have been in the jungle for 25 days,” the Presidency of the Republic said in a statement.

The information added that more than 200 indigenous men and women and from the Military Forces continue with the search for the brothers using the support of helicopters and technological resources.

In addition, thanks to the evidence found, the operations “focus on a meticulous and millimeter monitoring of search patterns in an area close to 10 square kilometers.”

On Wednesday, the combined search cells, made up of the Military Forces and indigenous people from the area, located diapers, tennis shoes, a cell phone accessory, a bottle cap, and a towel in two different places.

The latest evidence was found 560 meters west of the place where the Cessna 206 plane fell with seven people on board, three of whom were adults who died, including the pilot, and the four minors who are still missing.

Cristin’s birthday

After completing 26 days missing today, the youngest of the brothers, Cristín Ranoque Mucutuy, is celebrating her first year of life.

This was confirmed by the Military Forces, through a statement, in which they send a message of congratulations and hope to bring them back safely to their parents’ side.

“From all corners of the national geography, Colombians unite in prayer so that she and her three brothers are well and that soon we can celebrate life together. From the Command of the Armed Forces we invite the entire country to celebrate her birthday with a prayer for her and her siblings, with the hope that they can soon be reunited with their family and that they remain strong while we find them,” he said. the Colombian Army.

Cristín is lost in the jungle with Lesly Mucutuy (13 years old), Soleiny Mucutuy (9 years old) and Tien Noriel Ronoque Mucutuy (4 years old).

Father of lost children.

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