new details of family death at home in Bogotá

new details of family death at home in Bogotá
new details of family death at home in Bogotá

A family was found dead in their home, located in the Bella Vista Occidental neighborhood of Bogotá. After the first inspections and the removal of the bodies, the authorities established that they died by accident from inhaling gas.

(In context: Police found four lifeless bodies in a house in Bogotá, apparently, they inhaled gas).

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The neighbors gave notice due to the strong odor that was perceived in the area. When the firefighters arrived, they found the entire family in the residence, lying without vital signs on the floor. There are four people who died, including a three-year-old girl.

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The Fire Department, together with the gas company, carried out the first tests. They did not detect failures in the pipeline; apparently the stove was the one with the problems.

“The hypothesis that is being handled is the inhalation of gases, a product of the fact that the family apparently left a cauldron on top of the stove, which was in the process of cooking,” said Colonel Juan Arévalo, commander of Citizen Security.

As he explained, When food is left to cook, “all the liquid dries up and carbon monoxide is generated,” which can cause death.

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Be careful with carbon monoxide: this is how it kills silently

As this newspaper has explained, any appliance that generates combustion can produce carbon monoxide (CO) if there are connection or technical problems.

This happens when there is incomplete combustion, either due to a poor air intake into the enclosure, due to a lack of oxygen in the environment or due to lack of adequate maintenance of the gas equipment used.

Once carbon monoxide is inhaled, it enters the body through the lungs, from there it passes into the blood where it takes the place of oxygen. In this way it reduces the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen to different parts of the body, thus leading to death.

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According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most poisonings are involuntary, meaning people were unaware of the air they were breathing. Therefore, it is advisable to have your installations and gas appliances checked by professionals.

Always maintain proper ventilation of your kitchen and house. If you notice that the flame of the stove is not blue in color or soot is being produced in the surroundings, notify the company that provides the service immediately.


*With reporting by Tatiana Sanabria, Citytv journalist

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