They found four lifeless bodies inside a house in the northwest of Bogotá

They found four lifeless bodies inside a house in the northwest of Bogotá
They found four lifeless bodies inside a house in the northwest of Bogotá

The people who were on the second floor of the residence would have left a pot in the kitchen with the gas running. Bogota Metropolitan Police

In it West View neighborhood from the town of Engativathe Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Interpol of the Police found lifeless this Friday, May 26, four people, who apparently died from the natural gas inhalation inside a house.

The authorities were notified of what happened in the afternoon by the residents of the sector. Several people alerted the strong smell of gas that came from 71st street with race 68F-34.

At the scene were found Two men a woman and an underage girl, 3 years old Their bodies are already in the hands of uniformed sijin and the ITC. Three bodies have already been identified and one is in the process of being identified.

According to him Colonel Arevalo, Operational Commander of Citizen Security, and who was in charge of the case, the facts continue to be the subject of investigation. However, what is known is that the people who were on the second floor of the residence would have left a pot on the stove with the gas on.

From that pot, gases emitted (carbon monoxide) that instantly inhaled and for several minutes without realizing what was happening.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and, with the support of the Police, entered immediately. discovering on the ground the four lifeless bodies. According to preliminary investigation, three of the four people would belong to members of the same family.

He carbon monoxide (CO) is almost invisible, since it has no color, smell, taste, does not irritate the eyes or nose. However, The most notable effect of breathing small concentrations of natural gas, associated with a new or slow leak at a facility, is a foul odor.

This smell is the chemical methanethiol which is added to the gas (naturally odorless) and which luckily makes it easier to detect in the event of a leak.

In interview with infobaethe toxicologist at the German Hospital, Martha Braschipointed out that the main risk of inhaling gas is poisoning: “the main consequence of gas poisoning is the lack of oxygen, which in the body impacts all organs.”

In accordance with the above, he listed the main symptoms that people who are in the surroundings could experience: “people could present nausea, headaches, dizziness, vomiting, depending on the concentration of the gas and the exposure time. AND when the concentration is higherthey can manifest loss of reflexes, of consciousness or seizures”.

Those most at risk of poisoning are Small children, older adultsthe people with heart and/or lung diseasethe smokersbeing able to present serious symptoms or even, the death.

When there is a natural gas leak important is particularly dangerous in enclosed areas and inside a home. In the kitchen, especially in the oneand concentrate stoves and water heaterssmelling a high concentration can have adverse medical effects, although some may be reversible, others are fatal.

A person may begin to feel dizzy, a feeling that may be accompanied by headaches and fatigue. There is no oxygen in natural gasso many of the effects of breathing the gas do not come directly from the chemical contained, but from the lack of oxygen in the brain and in the body.

“Aerating and ventilating the area and breathing fresh air is the most important way to treat any effects that have developed from breathing natural gas,” said the specialist.

Usually, the headaches and dizziness will start slowly, giving enough time to go out into an open area. Once the gas has been replaced with oxygen, the effects will usually wear off.

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