Industrial Cluster – New generation of high accuracy height gauges: Mitutoyo LH-600 F Series

Mitutoyo shares solutions for the current trend of Smart Factory and industry 4.0, in which quality control has a new role by offering online inspection and measurement, which increases confidence in the production process.

CDMX, May 26, 2023.- The manufacturing process within the industry has become a strategic point for the development of safe and good quality products through the efficient use of all resources. With the current trend of Smart Factory and industry 4.0, quality control has a new role by offering online inspection and measurement, which increases confidence in the production process.

Integrating a measurement instrument outside the quality laboratory without controlled temperature and bringing it closer to the production line is not new; however, the designs and accuracy of our height gauges have improved to be available in the toughest applications and environments.

Returning to the trend of seeking the best solution for operators, Mitutoyo has completely redesigned the interface used in its extremely popular Linear Height LH-600, known for its reliable and extremely accurate 2D height measurement.

We have created the next generation of this device while retaining measurement capability and flexibility, but with greatly improved ease of use.

The new model is classified as the “F Series”; allowing two different gripping methods depending on what you require, F (column grip) and FG (handle grip).

The biggest change in this height gauge is clearly noticeable in the operation panel, with the addition of a clearly visible and resistive touch screen. Measurement operations can be carried out using this touch screen or the integrated keyboard, which work perfectly even when wearing work gloves. With this addition, details about measurements and reports can be easily defined even for users with very little knowledge of 1D and 2D measurement.


Combining this with many preset functions, the F-Series makes measurements like perpendicularity, straightness, and even part programming a breeze.

The LH-600 can be installed and operated alongside machine tools on production lines. This product offers unmatched durability while achieving high speed and accuracy measurements, allowing for testing in harsh shop environments.

The height gauge also comes with many standard features such as multilingual operation with up to 21 different options, automatic scale verification, calibration reminders, and much more.

However, one of them was greatly improved: the data transmission functionality. In addition to the typical Digimatic connection and wired or wireless output, a free tool for creating and exporting custom inspection reports as well as configuring device parameters is also added.

Overall, this new take on a quality control classic comes across as a massive improvement in the lifestyle of specialists who regularly have to rely on height gauges for their tasks. By customizing this new series of LH-600 with various styli and accessories, the reach of this instrument is increased exponentially.

Mitutoyo provides intelligent solutions with reliable quality and traceability for the industry where the analysis of each component is essential to guarantee safe products, allowing quality control from research and development to pre-production and series production.


As the world’s largest provider of metrology solutions, Mitutoyo offers the most comprehensive selection of machines, sensors, systems and services. Its lines include coordinate measuring machines (CMM), form and vision measurement systems, as well as high-accuracy instruments and data management software for dimensional metrology.

Mitutoyo Mexicana, located in six different branches around the Mexican Republic, was established in 1978 and celebrates 45 years of providing the Mexican industry with high-precision measurement instruments, as well as calibration and training services.

Currently, in addition to having top-level products in dimensional metrology, it offers the industry training courses, technical advice on specific applications of its products, certified calibration, repair services, and specialized monitoring of its projects.


Mitutoyo Mexicana SA de CV

Electric Industry 15, Industrial Park

Naucalpan de Juarez, State of Mexico. ZIP 53370

Phone: 55-5312-5612

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