Artificial Intelligence revives the covers of your favorite artists

Artificial Intelligence revives the covers of your favorite artists
Artificial Intelligence revives the covers of your favorite artists
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The arrival of the Artificial Intelligence continues to cause a lot of tension in the worldsince this new method begins to monopolize the system of companies that seek to improve their quality of service by applying this technology in their different sales platforms, as well as in the mobile devices that people use to communicate and discover other worlds.

The concept of AI in the world with the concept of Alan Turing in the decade of the 90’s where technology would begin to have a new projection in the world with new adaptations to experience new worlds virtual. According to Turing’s theory, AI was born in 1956 where three scientists like John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky and Claude Shannon discovered it to make intelligent machines programmed with mathematical calculations capable of challenging humanity.

On the other hand, the Artificial Intelligence now allows you to play a song with the voice of your favorite singersThat is, if you want to listen to “Yesterday” by The Beatles with Freddie Mercury, now it is possible, thanks to the application of the AI, because on TikTok they showed what the songs of George Michael’s Careless Whisper with Michael Jackson would be like, however, these covers can now be done with this method, which has surprised many people.

The reality is that many people are going to begin to change the voice style of the original artists of the song to that of their favorite artist, since we are not that far from hearing a song by Queen with the style of the Kiss, one of Green Day with Metalica, even one of Maluma with Alejandro Fernández, because although it seems very funny, Artificial Intelligence can make this type of thing an extraordinary reality.

“It is the closest thing we have to being alive,” assured some users on TikTok who have already tried this method with Artificial Intelligence and immediately shared it with followers through the social network, which is going around the world. .

It should be noted that not only the Artificial Intelligence can do this, as there is also the Adobe application Audition and that of Pro Toolswhich are a sound studio designed to mix voices, songs, and audio in a professional way, but perhaps in the not too distant future, AI could replace these design apps to improve the audio and voice quality of the artists.

Finally, the tools that contain AI for voice adaptation are diffSVC and on web pages there is, with which you can mix voice audios and insert a song to listen to what you want with the interpretation of your favorite artist no matter what ever Hague singing.

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