Iran’s IRGC Seizes Two Oil Tankers in Persian Gulf

Iran’s IRGC Seizes Two Oil Tankers in Persian Gulf
Iran’s IRGC Seizes Two Oil Tankers in Persian Gulf

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has recently seized two oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. The tankers, flying Tanzanian and Panamanian flags, were reportedly smuggling more than 1.5 million liters of fuel. The vessels were detained by the IRGC Navy and the 37-member crew was handed over to judicial authorities for legal proceedings.

The IRGC Navy had been closely monitoring the foreign tankers for the past two days before making the seizure. This is not the first time that Iran’s naval forces have managed to seize foreign-flagged vessels in the Persian Gulf. Earlier this year, a Bahamian-flagged oil tanker called the Richmond Voyager was seized after colliding with an Iranian vessel in the Sea of ​​Oman. The United States Navy responded to the incident by sending a guided missile destroyer to assist the distressed tanker.

Tensions between the United States and Iran have been rising, with the United States deploying warships to the Persian Gulf to secure shipping routes. These incidents of seized oil tankers further highlight the volatile situation in the region.

It is important to note that the IRGC has been actively patrolling the Strait of Hormuz and other strategic maritime areas to ensure the security of shipping routes. Iran has been aggressive in enforcing maritime rules and combating fuel smuggling in its territorial waters.

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