La Plata: a man chased a criminal and reduced him with a jiu jitsu shot

The thief tried to rob a business in the town of Tolosa, but a neighbor thwarted his escape with an impressive martial arts technique.

The neighbor managed to subdue the criminal. Photo: video capture.

The Silver was once again the scene of a new incident of insecurity. During this weekend, a offender He entered a business located at 6 and 522, in the town of Toulouse. However, and according to the details provided by witnesses to the event to the local media, “He wanted to steal but there were people inside and that made him run away.”

The criminal ended up arrested after several neighbors ran after him when he fled. One of them managed reduce it with a intake of Jiu Jitsu and waited for the Police to arrive to hand him over: “You’re going to break my arm!”the thief pleaded.

A resident of La Plata reduced a thief with a jiu jitsu key. Video: Twitter (@minutouno).

Finally, two police officers They arrived at the scene in a patrol car and handcuffed the accused. Videos captured by witnesses show the thief resistance to be apprehended by the officers, who were forced to use force to retain him.

The video also shows how The neighbor approached and collaborated with the arrest taking his arm from behind. It was then that the criminal began to ask to be released. “I have kids”expressed and pleaded on repeated occasions: “You’re going to break my arm!”.

The assailant eventually gave up and the police were able to continue with the arrest. Photo: video capture.

One of the witnesses who called 911 at the time of the incident said: “Luckily we could help to one of the many neighboring merchants who are robbed daily in this area. This was in broad daylight, on a beautiful afternoon, and none of this matters to these trashes”.

After the frustrated attempted assault, the criminal was taken to the police station to continue with the arrest. Given the situation, the residents of Tolosa denounced the frequency of these criminal acts in the town and They demanded greater security.

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