INTO THE DEEP releases their new single, “Seaweed”

Intertwined with oceanic metaphors and imagery, “Blackfin” traverses different aquatic planes in a commentary on the personal and political trials in our modern lives. Starting with the title track “Blackfin,” this powerful track questions the standards and rituals of daily life as a human being, which now often revolve around social media. “Spaceshark” takes off into an exciting fantasy narrative, accompanied by a plethora of riffs. “Spaceshark” follows a shark that was experimented by NASA in space. Having mutated due to solar radiation, he is now the ruler of a small planet covered in sulfuric lakes. Returning to Earth, “Hammerhead” delivers a powerful message highlighting the exploitation of the oceans and the shark fin trade that is currently decimating the food chain. The dark mood, fast pace and intensity depict the grim and barbaric actions of humans for the sake of monetary gain.

Cover of the new album by INTO THE DEEP

About INTO THE DEEP: Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, the band is musically influenced by the worlds of punk, metal and rock, but also ventures into surf rock, reggae and synth-wave. Thematically, the band is inspired by ocean ecology and conservation, marine life, waves, and nautical vessels. INTO THE DEEP emerged in 2018 from its members’ previous band, PIVOT, formed in 1999, as they needed a new outlet for heavier riffs that didn’t fit PIVOT’s sound.

Michael Hambright – main vocals, guitar, bass
Eric Hambright – lead guitar, vocals
Phil Cicco – drums, vocals


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