He leaked gas on stage and could not continue with the play.

He leaked gas on stage and could not continue with the play.
He leaked gas on stage and could not continue with the play.

He has gotten over it and tells it with a laugh, but at the time he says that he had a hard time. Nicolás Cabré counted in one interview television for the Teleshow portal that once could not finish a play because of stomach incident he suffered. Specifically, a gas that was released and that was so loud that they could not continue.

“One time I wanted to go to the bathroom and I had to do the last scene of the play,” he said with a laugh, referring to Something in commona play he did in 1996 with Ricardo Darin and Ana Maria Piccio. “The problem was that I didn’t decide. If I went to the bathroom I thought I wouldn’t make it back to the scene, so I stayed,” she continued.

The problem is that it was a climactic, very dramatic moment of the play that he had to say. “But I went on stage and when I got to the stage I had to talk to Ricardo. But I had gas, a very loud gas. Very loud“, he said amidst laughter and clearly highlighting the “very.”

Then he continued: “Ricardo looked at me and there were things I could say that crossed my mind. (to disguise or explain the sound): ‘it was the foot’, ‘a bluff’, ‘they are chipping the slab above’, I didn’t know what to say. And then Ricardo looks at me and he starts doing ‘Hummmm’, and I start ‘Hummmm’. Richard He crouched down, pretended to cry and I did the same and we both cried like that (with our faces covered by our hands).”

Furthermore, he said that he was always surprised that Ana María Piccio he didn’t even know. “She was right behind (the actor), poor thing, I don’t know how she didn’t listen. Later she asked us what had happened that she had not finished the work the way she had to be.

“I was very embarrassed. I was terrified that someone would say to me: ‘Was it a fart?’ She was very afraid. The only one I don’t know how she didn’t find out about was Ana, because I blew off her wig. Ana was behind me and she was the only one who said: ‘Why did it end??’. She was on her planet. But I swear that even row 7 was heard. I said they still didn’t pay that much attention to me at that time,” she added.

The thing is that the work did not end there, but as they couldn’t continue Due to the situation, they lowered the curtain. “It was so perfect and so silent that no one said: ‘He farted‘. And he finished. It was curtain there. We could never speak again. And the curtain opened and we saluted and the play, for the people, ended like this,” she concluded with a laugh.

Cabré said that Darín took advantage of the situation to start playing jokes on him from that moment on. “I asked other actors to ask me about the scene. Fernán Mirás, two months later, told me: ‘I saw the work’; ‘Yeah?’; ‘Yes I loved it. Beautiful fart!‘”, said.

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