Now ‘tamaliens’! They create tamales in the shape of aliens presented by Maussan

MONTERREY, Nuevo León.- After the supposed mummified extraterrestrials presented by Jaime Maussan were presented in the Chamber of Deputies, Internet users could not pass up the opportunity to make a dish for him and thus the ‘tamaliens’.

Within the framework of the national holidays that were celebrated last weekend, dates in which all kinds of Mexican food are consumed, the aliens of the well-known ufologist could not be left behind.Thus made with tamale dough and filled with cheese, chicken or mole and they immediately became a sensation, as dozens of Internet users did not miss the opportunity to include them in their Mexican night and enjoy this otherworldly delicacy named after the “tamaliens”.embed.pngIn videos and photographs you can see the process of making this interstellar dish, which is very simple, as you only need a little dough, which is filled with the preferred ingredient and then molded into an alien mummy.

Then it is wrapped in a corn husk, if it is a tamale, or fried in the pan, if it is a quesadilla, and then enjoyed with salsa, guacamole or a good coffee.

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