California lawmakers seek to keep Trump out of Republican primaries

California lawmakers seek to keep Trump out of Republican primaries
California lawmakers seek to keep Trump out of Republican primaries

SACRAMENTO, California. – A group of 9 California legislators asked the state attorney general to review whether it is possible that former president, Donald Trump, does not participate in the Republican primaries.

The legislators supported the petition to Attorney General Rob Bontaunder the argument that Trump would have violated the principles established in the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

The petition to Bonta was led by 9 state legislators, all Democrats: Assemblyman Evan Low, State Senator Josh Becker, Assemblyman Mike Fong, Assemblyman Mike Gipson, Assemblyman Corey Jackson, Assemblyman Alex Lee, Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, Assemblywoman Stephanie Nguyen and Assemblyman Phil Ting.

In the document, the signatories point out to the attorney general that no person who has “participated in an insurrection” can hold any government position.

Former President Trump was formally charged with four counts for his alleged active participation in overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election; as well as for his non-direct involvement in the riots that occurred at the Capitol.

“Americans witnessed Trump order his army of supporters to the Capitol, and multiple courts have already declared these events an insurrection,” the letter notes.

According to the group of legislators, the California attorney general can request “declaratory relief,” in which he could ask a court to specify his “legal obligations.”

The Republican party primaries are scheduled to take place in January of next year, while the presidential election will be in November 2024.

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