Spotify Rocks the Weekend With the EQUAL Festival in Buenos Aires — Spotify

Spotify Rocks the Weekend With the EQUAL Festival in Buenos Aires — Spotify
Spotify Rocks the Weekend With the EQUAL Festival in Buenos Aires — Spotify

Last week in Argentina, artists, podcasters, fans, and industry luminaries came together for Spotify’s highly anticipated EQUAL Festival to celebrate the creativity and talent that women bring to the music and podcast scenes. The event is an extension of our EQUAL program, which aims to contribute to gender equity in the music industry by amplifying and celebrating the work of women creators around the world.

We kicked off the festival with a two-day event at the C Complejo Art Media venue that included panels and presentations specifically geared toward women creators and artists and concluded with a sold-out concert unlike any other.

Kicking off with industry events for creators

“With the EQUAL Festival, Spotify has found an opportunity to show the country and the world what Argentine artists are generating in the industry,” Bel AztiriaGlobal Head, EQUAL for Spotify, noted ahead of the panels and presentations.

“What started as an early idea back then is today a reality. “We are excited to know that Spotify is about to celebrate an unprecedented milestone in the country by bringing together more than 20,000 people in one place with a single common goal: to celebrate the talent of Argentine women,” remarked Carolina MartinArtists & Label Partnerships, Spotify Southern Cone.

Attendees listened to a panel moderated by Carolina and Bel that included Barbi Recanati, Silvina Moreno, Juliana Gattasand Juliet Laso as speakers. The women shared their feelings, ideas, and perspectives on the journey of women in local industry.

Spotify also held an EQUAL Podcast Festival for podcast creators so that women could share wisdom on building podcasting careers and all the advancements they’ve made in the industry. Onstage, the creators of ConchaPodcast hosted Moria Casan to discuss the launch of her Spotify Original podcast, The One.

In another session, Momi Giardina, Mica Vazquez, Marti Benzaand Martu Ortizcreators from top-streaming Argentinian channel LUZU TV, talked about celebrating women empowerment and what the opportunities are to keep women visible in their industry.

To close the day, Oromi Jacintacreator of the podcast GUY; Marian Solercreator of the podcast Priming Flowers; and Bueracreator of the podcast are?; took the stage to share their tips and recommendations for creating content.

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