China appeals WTO ruling in favor of the US in Trump-era trade war

China has decided today to appeal a decision of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in favor of the United States regarding the tariffs imposed by the asian giant against the US in 2018, during the height of the trade war between both powers launched by the then US president, donald trump.

The decision, announced on August 16 by the WTO dispute settlement body, considered that China’s tariffs, imposed in retaliation for similar ones dictated by the Trump Administration, were incompatible with international customs and trade rules.

However, the WTO also determined, already at the end of 2022, that US tariffs, mainly on chinese exports in the steel and aluminum sector, they were also incompatible with international standards, something that Washington also appealed.

The appeals from the US and China leave these reciprocal cases in the hands of the Appellate Body, the last instance in the WTO mediation system for trade disputes, but it has been paralyzed since 2019 due to the refusal of USA to allow the appointment of new judges who are part of it.

Chinese tariffs penalized the import from the United States of 128 types of products, including food, for an estimated value of about $3 billion.

Although the current US President has maintained a more conciliatory tone with China in the commercial field, US tariffs on Chinese exports have been maintained.

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