Reese Witherspoon: her unknown side in the film industry

Reese Witherspoon: her unknown side in the film industry
Reese Witherspoon: her unknown side in the film industry

LEGALLY BLONDE, Reese Witherspoon, Bruiser, 2001, photo: (c) MGM/courtesy Everett Collection

The race of Reese witherspoon exploded in 2001 with the comedy Legally blonde (Legally Blonde), where she played a naive and lovable law student who sought to revolutionize the world of law. The truth is that the actress already had some successes under her belt, such as sexual games (Cruel Intentions1999), The trap (election1999) or American psychopath (American Psycho2000).

But don’t you feel like you don’t see her on screen as much? The thing is Witherspoon She decided to consider her career as a producer, participating from time to time as an actress, but being the driving force for the products to exist.

Her first experience came with the sequel to the film that catapulted her: Legally blonde 2 (Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde2003), where in addition to starring he began to produce.

In 2014 he produces something unthinkable: Loss (Gone Girl), the suspense film with twists from the great director David Fincherstarring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. From producing comedies and things for TV, Reese She takes her career to a different genre and comes out successful.

Your Place or Mine (2023), Wesley Kimmel as Jack, Reese Witherspoon as Debbie Dunn. Cr. Erin Simkin / © 2022

Her last job as a producer would be in a comedy starring her and Sofia Vergara call Two crazy women on the run (Hot Pursuit, 2015). From this moment on, she dedicated herself fully to production but now as Executive Producer.

In this new role, he was in charge of three different series for three streaming platforms, and all of them became a success for critics and the public: Big Little Lies (2017) for HBO, Small fires everywhere (Little Fires Everywhere2020) for Hulu and Truth Be Told (2019) for Apple TV+.

This year he took some time to return to the romantic comedy with the help of Netflix with Your house or mine (Your Place or Mine) where he produces and acts. Meanwhile, she breaks it as Executive Producer on the series Daisy Jones and the Six (2023) HBO, Tiny Beautiful Things (2023) Star+ and his hobbyhorse The Morning Show (2019) which finds her starring alongside her sister in fiction, . The new season premieres in Apple TV+ and it is one of his great successes.

The lawyer was not just a pretty face… when reality and fiction meet.

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