Pentagon does not see an “imminent” risk of conflict between China and Taiwan

Pentagon does not see an “imminent” risk of conflict between China and Taiwan
Pentagon does not see an “imminent” risk of conflict between China and Taiwan

USA does not consider that there is an “imminent” risk of conflict between China and Taiwanas noted this Tuesday by a high-ranking official of the Pentagon before Congress.

“We do not believe that conflict is imminent or inevitable” because the policy of military “deterrence” throughout the Taiwan Strait It is “real,” said the person in charge of the Pentagon for defense matters in the Indo-PacificEly Ratner, during a hearing in the House of Representatives.

The official explained that, from the perspective of the United States, China is the biggest threat to stability in the territorysince it is carrying out a “campaign of diplomatic and military pressure” against Taiwan.

To counteract it, Ratner stressed, USA has been delivering military support to Taiwan with the “sole” purpose of strengthening its defense capabilities and making said deterrence strategy effective.

“We are focused on providing Taiwan with the self defense capabilities that it needs, as well as maintaining our ability to resist any use of force that puts the security” of the territory at risk, Ratner stressed.

At the end of August, the United States for the first time granted Taiwan 80 million dollars in funds from its military financing abroad, which is normally accessed by sovereign and independent countries.

American aid adds to the military package worth 345 million dollars that Washington granted to Taipei a few months ago, as well as the 2 billion in loans that the Low camera approved the last fiscal year for the current fiscal year.

Taiwan It is one of the main reasons for friction between United States and Chinasince Washington is the main supplier of weapons to the island and would defend it in the event of conflict.

He asian giant claims sovereignty over Taiwana territory that has been considered a rebel province since the Kuomintang nationalists retreated there in 1949 after losing the civil war against the communist troops.

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