Legionary music and much more in the UAL Auditorium

The King Alfonso XIII Brigade celebrates this Wednesday the institutional events of the founding anniversary of the Legion. As a prelude to the military stoppage announced at 12 noon, this Tuesday the Auditorium of the University of Almería (UAL) hosted a concert by the Music Unit and the Band of the Brigade and the Choir of the Royal Brotherhood of Veterans of the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard.

The event filled the stalls of the improvised theater and was chaired by General José Manuel Vivas Urieta, head of the Castillejos Division. She was accompanied by General Melchor Marín Elvira, head of the Legion Brigade.

The recital began with the traditional legionary retreat and a military march, common in Army events. During the event, works such as the soundtrack of The Godfather, Yesterday by The Beatles or a piece by Tchaikovsky.

Commemorative events The veterans’ choir comes to Almería for the first time. It was created in April 2019 and is made up of former soldiers and civil guards. Since its launch, it has tried to participate in events throughout the country. His repertoire includes zarzuela, martial and sacred music, among other genres.

The 3rd Anniversary of the Founding It is celebrated in the five barracks where the legionnaires are present, that is, Viator and Ronda (both make up the Brigade), Melilla, Ceuta and Alicante (a Special Operations flag).
For the anniversary, a photographic exhibition on the origins of the Legion was inaugurated in the Patio de Luces of the Provincial Council of Almería.

The exhibition includes funds from the Legion Museum, located at the entrance to the Álvarez de Sotomayor de Viator military base, and tries to present citizens with an overview of the creation of the Legion and, in particular, the figure of the Lieutenant Colonel Rafael Valenzuelawhich gives its name to the VII Flag of the Tercio Don Juan of Austria and died in Tizzi Azza (Morocco, 100 kilometers from Melilla) on June 5, 1923.

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