Atavistia reveals information about his new album, “Beyond The Meadows Of Fire”

Atavistia reveals information about his new album, “Beyond The Meadows Of Fire”
Atavistia reveals information about his new album, “Beyond The Meadows Of Fire”

The band’s founder, Mattias Sippola, comments:

«I’ve grown a lot as a musician/producer over the years and it was time to re-record a song from our debut. We’ve been playing ‘Beyond the Meadows of Fire’ at almost all of our gigs recently and we’re playing it in Europe, so it made sense to remake the song to our modern standards. “It was an absolute blast to revisit this track and we are extremely happy with the result.”

After their latest and acclaimed album “Cosmic Warfare”, ATAVISTIA has renewed one of their first compositions, “Más siempre de los prados de fuego”. Continuing to grow as musicians, this new version gives the song new life with improved production that shows the ethereal soundscape in a new light. The prominent percussion and bass manifest a heaviness that anchors the song in the dark depths, while the orchestration, haunting choruses and melodies combine in a powerful and soaring arrangement.


What started as a bedroom project in 2016 became a full band in 2018, featuring Mattias Sippola on vocals and guitar, Dalton Meaden on guitar, D’wayne Murray on bass, and Max Sepulveda on drums.

Fans of WINTERSUN, ENSIFERUM, DIMMU BORGIR and XANTHOCHROID will be captivated by the elements of melodic death metal, black metal and Scandinavian folk that are intricately woven into their diverse soundscape.

Taking inspiration from their homeland’s majestic natural landscapes, the earthly seasons and ancient Norse culture, ATAVISTIA’s grandiose sound matches these lyrical themes in a stunning symphony of destruction, as they balance graceful melodies with a brutal rhythmic cacophony.

On stage they are a force of nature, like waves crashing against a rocky shore, their music sweeps audiences away leaving them eager for more. In a niche among metal genres, ATAVISTIA has firmly established its presence.

Mattias Sippola – Guitar/Vocalist
Dalton Meaden – Guitar
D’wayne Murray – Bass
Max Sepulveda – Drums

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