What happens if I hold back intestinal gas? Mexico News

What happens if I hold back intestinal gas? Mexico News
What happens if I hold back intestinal gas? Mexico News

Do you feel sorry for having intestinal gas, and, above all, do you tolerate it? This could harm your health, so here we tell you what would happen if you continue doing it.

He gastroenterologist Agustín Balboa, in an interview for the Buenavida site of El País, pointed out that the holding in gas is not good.

He mentioned that the intestines are put at risk, since they become inflamed and in extreme cases, diverticula form in the colon, small bags that bulge it and in turn They cause constipation, abdominal inflammation and cramps.

We must remember that gases are formed by what we eat, the type of intestinal flora we have and the size of our colon, and they are completely natural.

What are gases

Gas, also known as farting or flatulence, is the release of intestinal gas. This gas can be generated for various reasons. Mainly, it is gas released by bacteria that digest food, but it is also due to the air we swallow in our daily lives, whether when we breathe, while chewing or through carbonated drinks.

There are people who can accumulate more gases than others, and this can also have different causes. The main one is usually our diet. There are foods, especially some carbohydrates, that are more difficult to digest.

When these foods that have not been completely digested reach the colon, the bacteria present there consume them to obtain energy, releasing hydrogen and carbon dioxide gases in the process. This is what happens with Brussels sprouts and beans, which have earned a special reputation in relation to flatulence.

When gas builds up, it has to go somewhere. Some can be absorbed by the body itself, but another part must be evacuated to the outside.

Why it is NOT good to hold in gas

When we retain gases, they accumulate in the intestine. The intestine becomes inflamed and begins to exert pressure, which may cause pain in the abdomenand sometimes even in the chest.

Additionally, this inflammation can lead to diverticula in the colon, which are small pouches that form in the intestine.

Sometimes they can become inflamed due to overgrowth of bacteria inside them or feces getting stuck in them. If this happens, a diverticulitiswhich can bring us greater complications.

When inflamed, these pouches can cause pain, bowel obstruction and constipation, the formation of abscesses or fistulas, and even peritonitis. The latter occurs when a diverticulum perforates, spreading pus throughout the abdominal cavity.

This represents a medical emergency and requires surgery. urgently to clean the area and prevent the infection from spreading. Because if you don’t operate on time, you really I could die from it.


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