Trump will not go to the second Republican debate

Trump will not go to the second Republican debate
Trump will not go to the second Republican debate

Los Angeles United States.

The former president of the United States donald trump (2017-2021) will not participate in the second Republican debate, scheduled for Wednesday of next week in California (USA), for giving a speech to union members in Detroit (Michigan) that same day.

The trip, which will include a speech before approximately 500 union members which will be broadcast in prime time, was announced this Tuesday by The New York Times.

The former head of the US Executive has already avoided the first Republican debate, held in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) last month, to grant a prime time interview to former Fox News host and renowned far-right journalist Tucker Carlson.

The Trump’s non-attendance at the second debate It is announced during the fourth day of strike by automobile workers in Detroit, represented by United Auto Worker (UAW), against the country’s main manufacturers, from whom they demand a 40% increase in their salaries and improved hours and Labor conditions.

The news of the act of trump in Detroit at one time key for the automotive sector in that city he has woken up

the reaction of unions such as the plumbers, who have described the politician as a “fraud.”

“When it comes to the everyday issues that concern our members – fair wages, lsafe workplaces and the ability to retire with dignity – Donald trump “It’s just another fraud.”Mark McManus, general president of the United Plumbers Association of the United States and Canada, said in a statement.

And he stressed what his option will be at the polls: “We are proud of support the candidate in this election who has the courage to be with us: President .”

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